ES-R10 closed back dynamic headphone Sony R10 Replica Discussion/Impressions
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These are becoming one of my few go to headphones for using while working. Although really engaging, just a very overall smooth sound, which makes it easier to concentrate on writing, which I do a lot of while working.. I listen to a lot of piano and acoustic guitar in these sessions (various styles and sub-genres).

Same here. I work from home and live in an old building with window ACs. Since it has gotten warm, I need a closed back to block the noise. These are my favorite for working for the same reasons you state.
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Crossover classical?…🤣
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Epic combo.. can’t wait for the burn-in to complete!

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1. Heavier by 100g or less.
2. Not as comfy as OG. But retains that pillow like feeling that gives its that legendary comfy feeling. Could wear these forever like the OG.
3. Cable is 6.5 feet compare to OG 10 feet cable.
4. Treble is missing. But as other are stating maybe after usage it might pop up. This is not a con against the ES-R10.
5. Earpads are not the same. The OG is lamb skin. ES-R10 says its lamb leather. The foam inside might be different. - This looks more OG. No need to replace the ES-R10 earpads. Its great. Just not the exact same. Nothing is wrong with it!
6. Wood cups are identical. Feeling and looks.
7. Cables are not the same.
8. headband strap is similar. Yokes similar.
9. The OG is a fragile, bulky, light weight headphone. The ES-R10 is similar. A tad heavier. Keep saying that but its not heavy :)
10. Both headphones are on-ear.
11. Both has the euphoric signature.
12. Both has the romantic signature.
13. Detail is more pronounce on the OG
14. Both are realistic. The OG a tad more.
15. ES-R10 has no treble spikes.
16. No distortion found on the ES-R10
17. ES-R10 works well with bad recording and excels with flac and 24bit files.
18. On classical music, the treble is subdue but replace it with a gentle romantic sound.

After 5hrs of listening, the ES-R10 is a winner!

Last night, I finally had a good opportunity to compare the MDR-R10 No 133 (R10 for short) to the ES-R10 No 088 (eR10 for short)
My R10 was purchased recently from kiling92 had the foam surround replaced with ES Labs foam, special layer of dynamat installed inside the cups(mod reversible) stock cable replaced with thicker short cable terminated with 4-pin XLR by Italian company SPIRIT TORINO. It's the bass light version (But the foam replacement and the dynamat seem to bring out the uberness of the resolving bass, so it not bass light as all) I will test it without the dynamat layer one day.
I have not been paid for this mini article/review whatever you call it. All item was purchased by myself, no sponsor involved in anyway.
Everything outline is my honest opinion, no sugar coating BS.

Most of my finding matches protoss.
01 - eR10 98g heavier (my digital scale) than R10 (You won't notice it, both light as F)
02 - Both felt almost the same level of comfort to me but the R10 pads had firmer foam inside them which I prefer. Foam inside the eR10 is too soft.
03 - My R10 cable is about 4 feet vs eR10 6.5 feet
04 - Treble very similar on my pair of eR10 vs R10, almost same except treble is smoother/resolving on the R10 (could be the dynamat inside)
05 - Earpads of the R10 are Greek lambskin, Not sure where the eR10 lambskin came from (China perhaps). But R10 leather slightly thicker and smoother in texture.
06 - Wood cup shape and size very similar like comparing twins, eR10 is slightly lighter in colour, wood grain not as fine as R10.
07 - Obviously cable is different R10 stock is pure copper with 1/4" Gold & Rhodium plated plug. eR10 come stock copper with silver plated as option.
08 - Whole headband similar but not the same refer to photo
09 - R10 is fragile but more sturdy than the eR10
10 to 18 protoss finding matches mine pretty much

Construction and Build Quality
As you can see from the photo the gimble, headband shape and size is slightly different from the R10.
You won't be able to see the difference without having both side by side. Biggest different is the thickness of the circular housing of the headphone.
It's thicker on the eR10 than the R10 due to the detachable cables plug used in the eR10.
So construction and shape of the eR10 is about 90% of the R10, build quality is about 80% look at headband photo.
So overall I give the eR10 85% compared to the R10.

Sound wise
Whoever mentioned earlier in this thread that eR10 is about 90% sound wise compared to the R10 is pretty spot on base on my experience.
I must mention to people who on the fence on purchasing the eR10, they are easier to drive than the R10.
On both my solid state amp (Balance Beta22) and my tube amp (Primaluna Premium HP).
I had to turn the volume up by about 10-15% for the same listening level as the eR10 on the R10.

Value and Recommendation
Base model of the eR10 cost about $1700 USD includes 1 cable and over $2000 USD if you want multiple cable options.
This is about 25% of the cost of the R10 depending on condition, for 90% of the sound.
The eR10 in my view is an absolute bargain in term of price performance value. You should definitely buy, resell value is great too if not you're cup of tea.
Let me outline that you're getting 90% sound of the R10, which is possibly the best closed headphone that was ever made in my opinion for 75% less.
The R10 is not great value even though it the best, because you're buying a collectors items.
You're basically purchasing a piece of history, so expect to pay high 4 figures plus.

Thank you @bwck2000 for creating such a exceptional headphone.
Thanks @omega1990 for creating this thread and finding this gem.
Thanks @protoss @purk @mulveling @paradoxper for gang up to convince me to dive into the MDR-R10 rabbit hole.





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My R10 was purchased recently from kiling92 had the foam surround replaced with ES Labs foam, special layer of dynamat installed inside the cups(mod reversible)
Good luck getting all of it off the wood ._.
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@purk is gonna kill me, but on hearing the OG R10 again (re-foamed), and given my music preferences (lots of harder rock)...I definitely prefer the ES-R10 :sweat_smile:
I've never heard the OG R10, but I think the ES R10 does great on rock. I've listened to rock and even some electronic.
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Glad you mention that. That should just about extinguish my thirst for ever hearing a Sony R10. If I can't listen to rock on a headphone what's the point? Lol

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