ES-R10 closed back dynamic headphone Sony R10 Replica Discussion/Impressions
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Yes we have all been bitching abut the plastic headband lol. I tried to buy a MDR-R10 from a parts store Purk had used before, but they cancelled the order - lone gone.
We may be able to ask Purk to lend us the parts, and specially order CNC magnesium parts made :wink: as exact copy ? Or use the plastic one and order a scan+CNC ?
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Exciting time ahead boys/girl!
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Exciting time ahead boys/girl!

Hey @purk , how do the MDR-R10/ ES-R10 and the CD3000 compare? For example their soundstage, base, and warmth/brightness.

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Just an FYI, the internal foam cutout for the cans measures 11 x 9 x 4 (l w h) for those like myself who are looking to upgrade to a different case. Add 0.5" a piece for the top and bottom layer foams.

I ordered a Lykus HC-3520 and will see how that fares.
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ES-R10 #53 arrived. no pics because it looks like everyone else's.

i've only listened for 30 minutes with work conflicts but immediate reactions (Utopia is my daily driver so that's what i'll compare to)...

it doesn't suck.
  • Physical stuff... wood is spectacular, exactly like i remember. weight is fine. plastic parts are no biggie to me, makes me less finicky about handling it. comfort is pure plush and very good opposite of utopia leaning more weighty and clampy. anyone know if ES Labs is offering backup pads? would like another pair for the future.
  • Listening stuff... no channel imbalance from what i can tell. a touch more sensitive than Utopia. on the Naim I get the absolute softest floor hiss. not sure your average person would have a clue it's there. volume is 4-5 ticks lower. soundstage easily wider and more surrounding/enveloping. took a few songs to get the sense of that echo chamber effect. Utopia stage in more front focused with depth. separation across the full FR is good. bass quantity is about on par with Utopia meaning far bigger than OG. surprising impact. bass texture and resolution is behind Utopia but that is my GOAT in that department. midrange is a bit more lush yet retains a lot of subtlety (if that makes any sense). treble is very good, lots of upper range detail. good micro-detailed reverb from acoustic guitars.
i'm coming from OG R10 experiences when i was 19 and my goddamn hands were shaking holding a pair at my first-ever meet... so it's pretty crazy to be anywhere close to listening to something like this even if not exactly the same.
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#60 arrived 😍

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Welcome to the new batch owners! It’s a sonic treat. I also am coming from the Utopia as my TOTL preference.

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