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Entry/Temporary Amp+DAC for HD650

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by shamankl, Dec 30, 2011.
  1. shamankl
    I have been trying to find an amp and dac for my HD650 to replace my receiver, but ended up with two options that i cant decide on: the Audinst HUD MX-1 and the Fiio e7+e9 combo. Anyone use both before and found one better for the 650?
    If you have another amp in mind, I'm trying to keep the budget at 200usd(sry...low on cash right now), but if there is something that is genius and marginally over, go ahead and recommend it as well.
    Thanks ahead of time guys![​IMG]
  2. NinjaSquirt
    I've never heard the Audinst but have heard the E7 + E9. They're great for what price you can get them for.
  3. shamankl
    anything else u can compare them against?
  4. cifani090
    What about a vintage Marantz, Kenwood, Pioneer receiver?
  5. shamankl
    i heard that dedicated headphone amps performed better than receivers if that is not the case please tell me the model of these amps
  6. cifani090

    Not necessarily, some receivers such as the Pioneer 1980 or 1250  can drive the HE-6's like a $2000 amp.
  7. Rawrbington


    but the 1980 is a 2000$ amp! lol
    on the serious though this 70s yamaha i just picked up powers the 650s nicely.
    it would make for a great starter amp.
    and the yams aren't as highly sought after right now as the pioneers and marantz so you can find em in the 100$ range and sometimes less if you shop the right garage/estate sales
  8. Gwarmi
    E7 and E9 is a workable entry level solution for the HD650, however if you're willing to go second hand
    or order directly from China - go with Audio GD.
    The Audio-GD NFB12 Dac/Amp for example will leave the E7/E9 flailing for similar money.
  9. cifani090

    [​IMG], i was knowing that when i was typing it [​IMG] But in reality it can be used for multiple things. I know a dedicated amp is cooler... but a receiver for some of us (including me) are more practical.
  10. Rawrbington
    for sure,
    i'd LOVE to have a 1980 or 1250 or even a 1080/1050.
    or the likes of a 2325 or 2270
    the versatility and POWER makes them awesome.
    the only downside is they aren't always spectacular for low impedance cans (except orthos im told).
    but for some beyers or higher senns theyre nice.
    i listened to my hd 650s out of this guys marantz 2215, thats right a 15 watter, and DAMN they sounded warm smooth and just fantastic.
    and that blue of the marantz will mezmerize you!
  11. cifani090

    Yes, LCD-2 etc sound good i hear. Congrats on the 2215, the Sansui's look good too with there blue light [​IMG]
  12. Rawrbington
    thanks, but i didn't buy the 2215.
    that one wasn't for sale
  13. shamankl


    haha i'm actually running on 1980s sony amp right now, but guess i need some vintage marantz to match you guys


    i actually tried a nfb and the roll off of highs seemed a little too much to my liking; i think its the dual 8741 chips fault though
  14. Dubstep Girl
    WA6 or WA6SE
    great amp for hd 650.
  15. Gwarmi


     Hey Dubstep how's the 325i coming along on the WA6-SE?
     Really thinking about the WA6-SE as my forthcoming amp to compliment my V200 ~ eventual goal is to snare a PS1000
     so I had to ask :)

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