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Endgame portable over ear advice (please help!!)

  1. Prolificaudio
    Alright my friends. For the last 3 weeks I have been spending at least two hours a day on here looking for the perfect portable over ear for me. I listen to indie, rock, hip hop, dubstep, some classical. Really a little of everything. I want something with more forward mids  and treble sparkle with warmth good detail retrieval and soundstage. I basically want something with the shure 940s mids and treble and detail with good sub bass that is detailed and quality bass. Anyways Im going insane. I go to work and just research all day. Please help me out. Im considering the Shure 1540's, B&W P7, Soundmagic hp150, Focal spirit classic, Akg k545, Nad visio hp50. I don't want on ear at all. Any suggestions or advice would be so greatly appreciated. I am moving soon to a place where I know no one. Music will be my best friend so I need to figure this out asap. Also I haved demoed out all that I could. 
  2. Prolificaudio
    Well I only going to bump this once. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
  3. ILoveGrado
    You've auditioned them out? If you still cannot make up your mind, it's because they all have more or less similar frequency response. Just get one that is most comfortable to you.
  4. intlsubband
    PSB M4U2. I prefer these over the NAD Viso.
  5. Prolificaudio
    Finally thanks for the replies. I have only auditioned the P7 and Visio. I want to know which one had the most detailed mids . Thanks so much for the replies I need the help! I am just extremely poor and cant afford to buy something I wouldn't like and I won't be able to buy another pair for such a long time.
  6. Sonic Defender Contributor
    I owned, and quite liked the HP50, and I bought it mostly or portable use. However, they are fairly big and sadly they do look rather goofy. at first I thought I didn't/wouldn't care about wearing them in public, but after a little while I found them far too odd looking. I take public transit everywhere so maybe my situation is different. If looks aren't that important to you then the HP50 is a very nice sounding headphone. If you are looking end game I do think the HP50 sounds slightly thicker than I preferred, short of being congested, but I think that the speed was a little slower and that combined with a fairly prominent, but not overblown, mid-bass was the culprit for me. I also felt a little lack of upper-frequency extension, but I am 46 so if you are younger maybe my hearing is not as extended as a younger persons would be.
    Regardless, if you are able the HP50 deserves an audition. I like the V-Moda sound signature, but I haven't heard the M-100 enough to say whether or not they should be on your short list to audition, but build quality and bang for the buck along with an overall strong musicality is what V-Moda is known for so that might be another one to look at?
  7. Prolificaudio
    I appreciate all the input guys. I think I am down to looking into the P7 VS the Shure 1540. The Hp50's are way to goofy for me and while they sounded great not as good as the P7 in my opinion. Anyone who has owned both who can chime in and say what they think each does better than the other in their opinion?

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