1. AmIStillFeeling

    Looking for portable, over-ear closed headphones, under $200

    First post, but long time lurker. I own a Fiio X1 and a pair of HIFIMAN RE-400s which I love,  but IEMs wear on my ears and I don't like wearing them for more then the length of Bachelor-level grocery shopping, so I'm looking for high quality portable, closed back headphones for longer listening...
  2. devilmonk

    Best closed headphones ~300

    All purpous closed-back headphones - music, gaming, voice chat. Portability is not a priority, but would be nice.     Looking for decent soundstage / instrument seperation. I know its hard to do on closed headphones, so thats why I'm only asking for decent. Want it to be mostly neutral...
  3. nbrowser

    Senn Momentums, lateral upgrade or ?

    Ok I currently own a pair of Sony MDR1R cans, but auditioned my Asgard 2 in a store (yeah....go figure) wih the Momentum over ear cans and found them to sound quite nice. Would it be an upgrade of sorts to grab a pair of Momentum's to go along side my MDR1Rs or is the difference not worth the...
  4. Prolificaudio

    Endgame portable over ear advice (please help!!)

    Alright my friends. For the last 3 weeks I have been spending at least two hours a day on here looking for the perfect portable over ear for me. I listen to indie, rock, hip hop, dubstep, some classical. Really a little of everything. I want something with more forward mids  and treble sparkle...
  5. jsanfilippo5

    Alternative to the mdr 7506

    I Currently have the Sony MDR-7506 they sound great, but they are a little too bright for me - I like everything else about them, but the highs can get a little piercing and annoying if wearing them for a while.   Can anyone recommend a similar spec'd headphone with a more tamed treble?     ...
  6. laughs

    Need help deciding on a good set of closed-back phones below $300

    Hi there! First post and happy to be joining the community (my poor wallet though, I don't think it will ever forgive me for the decision).  I was wondering if I could get some help on deciding on a good set of closed headphones under $300.  I would love to get some open ones to fully enjoy the...
  7. rajeevrn

    Soundmagic HP100 review

    Summary   Pros: Soundstage, Beautiful Highs, Deep Bass   Cons: Neutral mids(not necessary a bad thing)   Read to know more!   Introduction   The Soundmagic HP100 sitting on top of the Matrix M-Stage Amp HPA-2(with USB DAC)     I had promised to review my Soundmagic HP100s (though I...
  8. devilmonk

    Wait, Should I be changing my sound format?

    under Sound > Playback > Headphone > Advanced, should I change the default format? currently it's on 2 channel, 16 bit, 44100 Hz (CD Quality). I have soundmagic hp150.
  9. devilmonk

    Cleaning headphones?

    What should I use to clean the outside cups of the headphones? I got the soundmagic hp150 and sometimes I flip the left cup backwards to hear if someone was screaming at me (isolation is pretty good), and the cup slowly develops this oily glimmer to it. Should I just use rubbing alchohol and...
  10. mgh24

    anyone tried to replace the pads on their Soundmagic HP150?

    If so, what did you use?  How did it work out for fit?  For sound?   Any help is appreciated.
  11. dakanao

    Soundmagic HP150/HP151 Impressions Thread

    Post your impressions about the Soundmagic HP150 in this topic!
  12. GloriousLettuce

    SoundMAGIC Vento P55 vs HP100/HP150

    Hi guys,   I'm interested if anyone tried both headphones and can provide a brief comparison based on experiences. Is Vento in any way an upgrade to the previous HP100/HP150 models?   Portability is not a big problem for me, I'd carry my HP150 anywhere although it seems rather too bassy for...
  13. SoundMAGIC EU

    SoundMAGIC Vento Speculation/Discussion Thread   Speculate away...
  14. DSchwartz88

    Good non-leaking over ear headphones for office use (~$400)

    I've taken a look around all the old threads here asking kind of the same thing, but after reading them, am opening up my own thread anyways (because of price differences, new headphones released, etc.).   I'm looking for recommendations for non-leaking headphones for office use. We have an...
  15. Shelvo

    Dissappointed Sennheiser MOMENTUM Owner Looking for Recommendations

    Browsing around this forum, I've heard lots and lots of great things about the Sennheiser MOMENTUM. When my old headphones (A pair of Gemini HSR-1000 studio reference 'phones), which I loved dearly, developed a major rattling and significant lack of bass in the left ear, I was very, very sad...
  16. Sepehr-ZK

    headphone for fiio x3 (under $200)

    hey guys, what's the best headphone(full-size) for a hip-hop lover under 200 dollars? my player is fiio x3. personally i think akg k 272 hd is fine, what do you recommend? thank you so much for your support. (and sorry for my English, it's my second language)
  17. SoundMAGIC HP150 Premium Full Size Folding Headphones

    SoundMAGIC HP150 Premium Full Size Folding Headphones

    The HP150 is a closed back circumaural audiophile headphone with large 53mm precision tuned drivers. A rubber coated earcup aids isolation, keeping listening private. With a single-sided replaceable straight cable and pivoting earcups, the HP150 could be utilised by audiophiles or as...