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SoundMAGIC Vento P55 vs HP100/HP150

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by gloriouslettuce, Jul 8, 2016.
  1. GloriousLettuce
    Hi guys,
    I'm interested if anyone tried both headphones and can provide a brief comparison based on experiences. Is Vento in any way an upgrade to the previous HP100/HP150 models?
    Portability is not a big problem for me, I'd carry my HP150 anywhere although it seems rather too bassy for my taste + the mic option is definitely awesome for phone calls.
    If you don't have any experiences with Vento, feel free to post your guesses as well, I value your opinion.
  2. shaun_g
    The SoundMAGIC Vento was due to be launched in November 2015, but was delayed by SoundMAGIC due to them being unhappy with the sound.
    The headphone design was complete back then, except for the speaker design.  They've since been through over 60 revisions of the driver design to get it right.  The Vento is just being relaunched now, so not many will have heard the finished article yet.
    I'll leave it to the Head-fi community to give feedback on the result of SoundMAGIC's efforts.
  3. The Third
    Man I wish I was as informed as you on the subject matter of Soundmagic's new headphones. 60 revisions? It sounds like they are passionate enough to improve on the stellar HP100/HP150 line, and are patient enough to do just that.

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