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Pulled off Musicteck’s site.

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I really like the Odin faceplate. When the Valkyrie came out, I almost bought it just for the aesthetics, but my expectation for the Odin is for it to completely blow my mind.

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I bet it sounds better tho.... pretty sure that’s what matters.
Why “bet”. Should it? WHY? Does it? HOW?

Or really, in which ways does it sound DIFFERENT? And for what purposes/preferences is such more suitable?

IEMs these days are chasing circles: every fence has greener grass on the other side, as long as it’s a newer / more expensive fence..
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Rolls eyes. Stupid “audiophile” markup games.

Ask where the cable was sourced and how much/foot for the raw product.. because I’m pretty such EE doesn’t run the factories to produce these cable cores using some secret material.
so you expect them to sell you stuff at cost?

Idk where you work but if that’s how you believe businesses should be run text your boss that you’d like to forfeit your salary so customers get a fairer price
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What a narrow sighted defensive reply. There was never mention of “at cost”.
Nah what’s narrow sighted is people crying that they’re receiving a 1300$ cable at the fraction of the cost when purchasing the Odin

@Jack Vang already stated that the MSRP of the IEM determines the cable of choice, so the Odin’s 3400$ price tag is to a very large degree unaffected by the PW1960s that’s included in it

I’ve had someone already offer me 1000$ for the Odin’s stock cable, could you name a few other stock cables that can reduce the price of the IEM by this much?
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compared to the other European deals, this one is pretty good I guess...Bildschirmfoto 2020-08-08 um 13.08.36.png

how much was VE Erlky ? 4200 euros ?

i call this a bargain , compared to the Erlky price

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