Emotiva Big Ego and Little Ego

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by luckbad, Oct 3, 2015.
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  1. mowgli-kun
    Sorry to trouble you, but would you mind letting us know the differences you hear between the two?
    They're priced quite similarly, and the Emotiva DACs can do double duty as portable solutions; I'm sure there are people as interested in this as I am. =)
  2. Rodmunch
    To start, I don't think it's fair to compare the Little Ego directly to the Modi Multibit. 
    1. The Egos are combo Amp/DACs.  The Modi is just a DAC, you still need an amp.  Do you plan to use the Ego as a DAC only?
    2. The Little Ego has USB only (The Big Ego has more connectivity options but I haven't heard it).  The ModiMB has USB/Optical/Coax.
    3. The Little Ego cost me $99 on sale (the sale might still be going).  The ModiMB / Magni2U combo is $250 + $150 before tax and shipping, so approximately $400.  You could save $50 by getting the standard Magni2.
    For me, the Little Ego is a great desktop or semi-portable solution for times where I'm not as concerned about ultimate sound quality but instead prefer portability.  The ModiMB / Magni2U combo is great for home use in my main stereo or desktop where I'd like a bit better sound quality and care less about portability.

    If I had to describe differences between the Little Ego and ModiMB / Magni2U combo, I'd say the obvious:  ModiMB / Magni2U has more power, better dynamics, a greater sense of space, much better imaging, less glare in the treble...all things you would expect at a higher pricepoint and with better tech (the Multibit aspect of the Modi).
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  3. mowgli-kun
    That makes sense. I guess what I'm really looking for is a a comparison between the Big Ego and Modibit as standalone DACs (I already have a desktop amp).
  4. Rodmunch
    OK in that case, I can say this:
    1. The ModiMB has a dedicated AC power supply, where the Big Ego is USB powered.  Modi wins.
    2. The ModiMB has USB/optical/coax inputs, like I stated above, and a line level output.  After doing a bit more research, I see the Big Ego has only the USB input, but separate headphone, line level, and digital outputs.  Modi wins for me.
    3. The ModiMB has a true multibit DAC chip and Schiit's proprietary digital filter, the Big Ego has a decent Delta Sigma chip and standard selectable digital filters.  Modi wins.
    4. I haven't tried my Little Ego as a DAC only so I can't comment on that.  But the ModiMB is pretty amazing for the price and was a noticeable step up from the Modi 2 Uber 4396 I had before.
    5. There are some other differences, like filter options and higher res playback on the Big Ego, but I can't comment on that.
    Hopefully someone else has some input.
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  5. gvl2016
    Picked a used Little E. It is a smoothie, like it much better the Dacport Slim which does have more "bite" but is too bright to my liking. Too bad I can't warm up my hands with the Ego :)
  6. sloanb
    Got myself a Big Ego to run off a Linux laptop running Roon. I've been very impressed with the device. Sound quality is what you would expect if not a little better than expected. The device was plug and play on linux and Roon Server. I haven't messed around too much with the digital filters but will hopefully have some time to do so in the coming weeks.

    For reference this setup is running linux (Roon Server) to Emotiva Big Ego line out to a Marantz AV. Speakers are Definitive Tech BP8 and are a pretty good match for this setup. Happy to answer any questions or try some things if anybody has questions regarding the Big Ego.
  7. novacav
    Big Ego is on sale right now for $66, just grabbed one, hell yeah. Literally almost bought one for $219 yesterday but held off, had no idea the sale was coming, hahaha. Perfect!
  8. Rodmunch
    I just saw the email from Emotiva and was on the fence about buying one...just now decided to buy one and they're sold out. :frowning2:

    Novacav, I think you'll enjoy it!
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  9. BrotherKathos
    I picked one up as well. I've been wanting a portable solution for my laptop and for $66 it was an instant decision. I also like the line out option for a more permanent desktop solution if desired. All in all a great deal.
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