Emotiva Big Ego and Little Ego

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by luckbad, Oct 3, 2015.
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  1. Luckbad

    I grabbed a used NFB-2.32, which is basically a DAC-19 using Wolfson chips. I plan to eventually replace that with a DAC-19.
  2. tim3320070
    Not stirring the pot but Emotiva builds everything in China. I have owned a few different items from them but have found I prefer Audio-gd across the board. Their powered monitors are excellent however.
  3. Luckbad

    Depends on the product. The Ego line is Made in USA. I think production costs have slowly been aligning because many companies are moving production back to the USA.
  4. TheNoose
    Am I write in saying the Big Ego doesn't offer balanced output? Say like the Pono or the NFB 28 that I must look up since I've never heard of it lol!
  5. Luckbad
    It does not have balanced out.
  6. TheNoose
    Thanks mate!! Shame it doesn't have this option...
  7. mowgli-kun
    Anyone else get a chance to compare the Big Ego to the Schiit Bifrost? I'm trying to decide between these two, and it's pretty much down to the Big Ego's sound customization versus the Bifrost's modular design (easy upgrades down the road).
    Would love to hear people's thoughts on the Big Ego's crossfeed feature, and how this DAC compares to other sub-$500 DACs you've heard.
  8. vincedea
    I see that the Little ego is on sale for $99 on emotiva right now.  What is the big differences between the big ego vs little ego?  Is it worth it for me to just get the little ego as a basic dac/amp to use on my work laptop?
  9. Aplle
    I think it would work well for that, as long as your headphones are relatively easy to drive. I've been testing the Big Ego's headphone amp, and it sounds good with my more sensitive 'phones (like the TH-X00), it left a lot to be desired with my HD 650 though.
    On the differences between Big and Little Egos:
    From http://emotivalounge.proboards.com/post/753472/thread
  10. rikk009
    I saw the same on Amazon and wondered if this is a better deal than Centrance slim I bought from massdrop(yet to reach me). 
  11. Rodmunch

    I bought the Little Ego on Amazon and also have the Centrance Slim.  I'm having a hard time hearing a difference between the two listening to FLAC files on Foobar and also streaming Spotify, with ASG1+ and Oppo PM3.  If anything, the Slim might be a touch more resolving/transparent but I'm splitting hairs here.  They are both about the same MSRP.  I think it really boils down to their features:
    Little Ego: selectable digital filters, crossfeed, can play higher res files
    Slim: smaller form factor, has a physical volume dial and gain selector
    For my uses the Little Ego is winning.  The Slim never worked right on my work PC where it sees the most use.  I have to disconnect and reconnect the USB cable every time I boot the PC.  I don't have that issue with the Little Ego.  Centrance keeps promising a fix but it's been months and I grew tired of waiting so I'm trying out different DAC/Amps.  Next might be the new Dragonfly, although I've read it's not much of an improvement over the previous 1.2 version which is discounted now.
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  12. rikk009
    Thankfully, I don't have such problem with my Centrace. Thanks for your reply.
  13. Rodmunch
    Centrance came through with the fix. Their latest firmware solved my issue so now I have to decide which one to keep. I think I'm still leaning towards keeping the Little Ego.
  14. mowgli-kun
    Does anyone here have any impressions on the crossfeed in these units? This one feature is all that's keeping me from settling on the Modi Multibit as my first DAC.
  15. Rodmunch
    I haven't played with the crossfeed on my Little Ego but I'll say this: Modi multibit is amazing for the money. I have that along with the Magni 2 Uber, they're a great combo and a noticeable step up from the Little Ego.
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