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  1. Muamp
    I thought it would be useful to list in one place many DIY suppliers so that anyone can get quick and easy access to parts to help them build/modify/repair electrostatic ear/head speakers.
    This is the 1st edition. If/when more DIY'ers provide more supply information this post (post #1) in this thread will be edited and updated to contain all latest working links.
    To provide your supplier info' to be added to this list either PM me the details or reply in this thread.

    Diaphragms and Coatings

    Mylar 2um 3um 6um and 12um thicknesses
    search string "Electrostatic-Speaker-Membrane-Dupont-Mylar-C"

    Mylar 1um - 15um in clear
    Free flight supplies
    I am amazed I didn't know about this company, they are very close to where I live, yet I have always bought my Mylar on ebay from a seller in Taiwan.

    Mylar 0.9um and 1.4um
    Indoor Specialities
    search string "ultrafilm"
    This must be a good link, it came from two different Head-Fi DIY'ers.

    Antistatic spray coating
    RS Components
    search string / part # "514-486"

    Stators / Spacers

    0.5mm FR4 single sided
    Rapid Electronics
    search string / part # "50-5376"

    0.5mm FR4 double sided
    Rapid Electronics
    search string / part # "50-5377"

    1.0mm FR4 single sided
    Rapid Electronics
    search string / part # "50-5378"
    These FR4 are Bungard boards which are expensive but very rigid and flat, Rapid also sell Proma boards which are cheaper.

    German FR4 supplier

    German CNC laser cutting website for German speakers requiring professional cutting

    Perforated steel 0.7mm thick, 2mm holes
    RS Components
    search string / part # "817-432"

    Perforated steel
    ebay seller 'redplanet22' has provided cutting service to buyers.

    Wire mesh - various different grades determined by number after #
    search string "#6-Stainless Steel Woven Mesh"

    Copper foil 0.1mm thick
    search string "Peak Dale Thin 100% Copper 0.1mm Foil"
    Many copper foils will be listed including copper tape.

    Black acrylic spray
    Rapid Electronics
    search string / part # "87-7102"

    Acrylic spray
    search string "TETROSYL EASY SPRAY"

    PCB green coat spray
    Rapid Electronics
    search string / part # "50-5186"
    Acrylic spray and PCB green coat spray are good for insulating stators.

    Plugs / Sockets / Cables

    Plug / socket
    Allied Electronics
    search string / part # "cooper-interconnect-86-71-6s"

    Stax socket
    search string "Stax Headphones Kopfhörer Earspeaker Pro Bias Socket Jack Chassis Panel Mount"

    Individual Stax socket pins
    search string "10pc CMC 8P Tube Socket Gold plated Pin Hex-Snap 2x10mm Hole"

    If you wish to make a Stax plug, 3 pin XLR plugs have the same pin size and dimensions and can be bought in any electronics outlet.


    Audio transformer for energiser
    RS Components
    search string / part # "210-6475"
    (I can provide my circuit diagram, which uses two of these, if anyone wishes to make a cheap transformer energiser)

    100VoltTube also informed me that:
    This place will ship the trafos you found on RS almost anywhere in the world.

    Production Headphone manufacturers spares

    Beyer: www.showcomms.com/beyerdynamic.html
    Koss: www.koss.com/accessories
    3rd Party Stax spares: http://electromod.co.uk/stax-spares/

    All information given here is to the best of my knowledge accurate, but I do not accept any liability or responsibilty for purchases or outcomes relating to this information.

    There are many other suppliers as well as these listed and I will add others if you tell me about them.

    *** Audio Ribbon Cable similar to Stax ribbon cable ***
    *** Other suppliers of FR4 ***
    *** Various favourite coatings for Mylar *** (I know this one is controversial, and will get many opinions...)

    David (uAmp)
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  2. Julez
    Cool! Thanks for putting this list together!
  3. 100VoltTube
    Awesome list! 
    I don't know how much interest there is in this, but I would appreciate a sub-list, or option, for people/companies who will cut stators for you.
  4. Muamp
    Hi 100VoltTube,
    In October 2014 (page 101, post 1503 of Wachara's "My DIY electrostatic headphones" thread) Wakibaki (Fred) wrote about mass producing (about 5 sets) his stator and spacer design, and highlighted the problems/costs associated with it.
    Dude_500 also outlined more issues in his reply in post 1504.
    These were the days before I even started building panels...
    I still like the idea, but as Fred wrote it is NOT viable for someone to CNC on a home machine large numbers of units unless it is a 'labour of love'.
    I am not sure about how to go about this or who would be best to do it, if anyone.
    My panels are drawn in Vectric CUT2D which I use for producing G code to use on my CNC. I can also save in DXF format, but PCB producers need Gerber and I have no method to convert DXF to Gerber.
    The costs to produce 5 sets is still about the same as Fred stated, maybe a bit more, but it is a possible idea, even if not anywhere near perfect solution.
  5. Muamp
    After various trials with different Gerber files I finally got a result which is very good.
    These are the stators I had fabricated in China.
    They are double sided copper clad FR4, 1mm thick, completely covered both sides in copper (non plated through) with complete cover of black solder mask both sides.
    The holes are 1.7mm with a centre cutout of 6.24mm. The solder tag is 5mm long.
    The active area is 70mm dia. with an outer 90mm dia.
    I am about to place a second order to get some more fabricated. If any one is interested in having a set of four stators then PM me your interest. The cost for four will be approx. £10 plus P&P to where ever you are. Bear-in-mind - this is just for stators, you will still need to make or source your own spacers, diaphragms, surrounds, headbands, cable, plug etc, NONE of which I can provide.
    I am well aware that Head-Fi do NOT allow bulk purchasing systems in the forums, therefore if you are interested then a sale can be set up outside of Head-Fi. I am prepared to buy X amount at my expense and sell them on at the same cost (I will not be making any profit). Of course, when stock runs out that is the end, and no one sends money untill I have the stators ready to send. I will only buy enough for myself and for anyone who PMs me their interest.
    They will be sold with NO guareentees of any kind and I will not be responsible for their use or health and safety assosiated with them, all done at your own risk.
    This is an electrostatic headphone that uses these stators.
    David (Muamp).
  6. Muamp
    Just to update the people who PM'ed me for requests of the PCBway stators, PCBway seem to be taking a long time to respond to my repeat order request. Could be Aimee (service07) is away?...
    I will reply personally to each, when I get a reply from PCBway with an ETA on shipping. No payment needed until I send to you.

  7. Muamp
    All the stators have been sent out to the people who PM'ed me requesting stators and the respective post tracking numbers have been emailed to each of you.
    It would be really good to see photos posted of any headphones / electrostatic tests done with these stators, so please do let us know what you get up to.
  8. Muamp
    I am just about to take delivery of some more PCBway.com prototype / test stators. Same as the last 2 batches, but this time on Aluminium board (not FR4) and single sided.
    The Aluminium should make them even flatter and even more rigid without making them any thicker (still 1mm thick). I will post some photos of them as soon as I get them.
    Also, I will prototype some more FR4 boards, same as last 2 batches, still on FR4, but bigger holes at same pitch spacing to give a greater open to stator ratio.
    Of the last batch I sent out, it seems the tracking to addresses in Canada are taking the longest..... Not sure why Canada has slower post...?
  9. janosch simon
    would love to build a testbench setup ith that audio transformer :) would love to see that circuit diagram :_)

    cheers janosch
  10. Muamp
    Hi Janosch,

    I can scan the cct diag on Monday when I'm in the office. Hope you can wait till then.
    I will also include the bias cct. I have two variations, so will include both.

  11. janosch simon
    perfect dave :) will order then in monday first i need to get my stupid cnc mill back running grrrrrr :) bias cct also nice! do you already have an good amp?
  12. Muamp
    I use my transformer energiser on my workbench for all my testing and use a Stax SRM-252s for my main listening at home. Other people who have my MUAMP headphones use a Stax SRM-353x. They are both very good.

    In answer to your other question in Wacharra's thread people use the 5 pin Stax plug/socket because it is the standard.

  13. janosch simon
    isee hmmm but when understand the eshs right both phones need bias voltage right? but on the 5 pins only 1 is bias so you solder then two wires to that one pin hmmm :_)
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  14. Muamp
    Yes, that is correct. It is the same bias voltage for left and right.
    So only one pin on the plug/socket is required for the bias.

  15. janosch simon
    mmm as i will also build my own amp i think i will go with an 6pin conector :D but will take lot of time but it seems my cnc mill is back working it seems the old windows xp pc was the problem yay :D
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