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  1. janosch simon
    i will :) this project is so much fun and so much possibilitys :)
  2. janosch simon
    yay first tests with 2µm Mylar are very promissing :) now i would like to put the testbench setup in a case so i can try it at home. somewhere here in the forum i saw that Wachara 3dprinted a Stax connector and not sure if he posted the stl file for those? and David milled them with the cnc? would love to build those myself :) hope you can point me to the files:)

    cheers janosch
  3. Muamp
    Hi Janosch,

    I am glad the 2um Mylar is promising. You seem to be making good progress.

    I do use a CNC to make my plugs, although earlier you wrote that you would not be using the Stax plug and socket.... although I think it is good if you do.
    I mill from hardwood and plastic, depending on the plug I intend to use. The pins are from 3 pin XLR plug kits. Obviously you will need two plug kits and have one spare pin.
    The spacing for milling was given by another Head-Fi user a while back on Wachara's thread, not sure how far back. I have just looked through my files and I have not saved it. I will look through my home PC and back through the thread to find the drawing. The holes for the pins are 2.5mm which provides a nice tight fit on the pin.
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  4. janosch simon
    yeah david and the results i get with your test bench setup are by far better then i expected from this diy project pretty amazing :) also planing on buying a bigger cnc machine and i think its more clever to stick with an "standard" conecter if i might make one for friend who uses an stax amp... those xlr pins i have some good idea :)
    and those are compatible with the original stax cabels?

    cheers janosch
  5. Muamp
    Yep, the 3 pin XLR pins are the pins to make an exact fit on a Stax socket!
    The results from the audio transformer energiser should be good. Just wait 'till you plug them into a tube or solid state energiser, you'll be even happier with the sound.

    I have now found the pages and thread numbers in Wachara's thread for the plug details:
    Page 60 - post 895
    Page 102 - posts 1521 and 1529
    This will show you lots of information on the plugs.

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  6. chinsettawong
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  7. janosch simon
    thx will try the 3d print and also mill a connector :wink: just need to buy some pins :)

    cheers janosch

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