EFN Where are you?
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Aug 24, 2005
I've tried PMing him many times, but I still haven't got a response......

He still has my LOD and mini-mini cable that I sent back for reworking, and I wouldn't mind having them back now...
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Seems to have a lot of well-known friends, someone might have his phone number. Hope nothing bad has happened.
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Another well-known DIY'er disappeared for a few weeks, after which he surfaced and apologised, having gone through a divorce. I reckon give it a few weeks for things to sort themselves out. If he's having personal or family issues, he's probably feeling a lot worse than anyone who's short an iPod dock or whatever.
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Originally Posted by nsx_23 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Yeah, but I sent the cable and LOD like more than 1 month ago.....

That is long but not that long IMO. The guy said he was having personal matters... When was your last received PM?
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July 17 was the last PM, but I sent the cables back ages ago and his PM before the last one said that he was ready to post my cable out, so yeah.......

Either way, the aim of this thread is to, hopefully, get his attention so he responds
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He still has my er-4 driver and his custom cable that I purchased while ago,for re-working also, His last pm to me was 16th june.

I damn miss my er-4.

anyone has his phone number?I can call him if we have to,Just want to know what happened.
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I really doubt EFN's trying to steal stuff he made for you guys and I would trust him when he says he has more pressing issues to deal with. Hopefully he will get them back soon but please try to have a little patience.. I know it sucks to be without your gear but IMHO the possibility of is kind of delay should be anticipated when dealing with a hobbyist.
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^But come on, surely a polite PM saying "I'm busy atm, and will get your cables out soon" would be nice.

Especially considering the last PM I got from him mentioned that he had a batch of other cables that he need to send out and mine were in that batch...

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