Effect Audio - New Flagship "Horus"

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  1. twister6 Contributor
    Maybe a few more pictures, wouldn't hurt :wink:



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  2. nogi replicant
    Eagerly awaiting any initial impressions twister6 - as I have the 1z and Fourte, but I am more considering the Horus for my LCD i4's.
  3. Imusicman
    Are these available with 4.4 PSquared connection or do you need an adapter to go balanced on the 1Z?

    Btw can anyone recommend a quality 3.5 to 4.4 adapter?
  4. twister6 Contributor
    3.5mm balanced (HifiMan wiring) to 4.4mm TRRRS pentaconn balanced? You can't go with a regular 3.5mm single ended TRS to 4.4mm balanced since you will short the signal. You typically go from 2.5mm TRRS to 4.4mm TRRRS.
  5. Imusicman
    I thought that would be the case with the adapter . Thanks for confirming

    So is there a PSqare 4.4 connection available
  6. Wyville
    Great to see you received yours! Looking forward to your review, and don't forget to enjoy! :ksc75smile:
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  7. Twitley
    Jolie works, congratulations to your teams.
    It's rare to see such a beautiful bundle for a cable, the idea of using the box in box that can carry the cable and iem is great.

    The box looks very beautiful and neat that makes you want to take care.

    Strongly the first reviews.
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  8. twister6 Contributor
  9. Wyville
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  10. Shmuel
    I'm looking for an upgrade cable for my i4's.

    The lack of discussion in this thread seems rather telling.

    Any recommendations for a totl upgrade cable for audeze i4?

  11. Wyville
    Nah, this thread is not very active because there is a dedicated thread for all things Effect Audio:

    There is also a general high-end cable thread with usually a lot of people who would be willing to help out:

    That said, I have heard very positive comments on the i4 with Lionheart. I believe there have been one or two people who paired them with Horus (I remember the discussion about fitting the i4 in the Horus case, which works fine, btw), but can't remember specific comments on the pairing. So you might have to do some searching through the threads.

    Also, the i4 thread has had lots of people with various cable upgrades:

    Hope this helps!
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  12. Shmuel

    Thank you for your input--i will keep looking.

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  13. LouisArmstrong
    Which Effect cable is the best match for Tia Fourte and SP1000Cu?
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  14. jscmd2000
    Unfortunately, EA cables are not cheap and their demo program has ended.
    Pinky loves the Leonidas with his Fourte, although the Lionheart is getting very popular lately.
    I have the Lionheart and Horus for my A18 and Encores. I like them both very much and would recommend them w/o hesitation.
    The Horus is more neutral, good for classical and jazz, but good for just about anything and definitely worth the money. The sub bass with the Horus is something very special. The Lionheart is also a lot of fun to listen to with lots of body. I purchased the Lionheart before the Horus, and it made me feel like I've been on bread and water all along. It was like having a juicy steak for the first time. The Horus is more refined and textured like dry aged filet.
    Good luck~
  15. Darksoul
    OK...so, 1600 dollars gold plated high purity silver cable. Does all this come with an IE internal wiring change? Because what's the point of running silver if at the end it will reach your drivers with lowly copper. That is, unless we're assuming what little wiring is inside the IE is negligible towards the sound quality. Are there any measurements out there of any IE with and without the Horus cable?
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