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EarSonics SM3 from Sound Earphones, help needed asap

  1. Shirukii
    I've made up my mind to buy a pair of SM3s from Sound Earphones, the time pressing issue is that the 15% coupon will only be valid until the end of the day and I have some shipping questions.
    I live in Canada and I need to know what, if any, extra costs that will result in. I emailed Sound Earphones and they said that they're not sure if I'll be charged customs because they mark the earphones as coming from the US, despite being manufactured in France. Also, I'm not sure if there are any brokerage fees from UPS/Canada Post on stuff coming from the US.
    The last time I bought something from a retailer (JR) in the US, the extra fees made the price a lot higher than I thought it would be, I don't want a repeat of that.
    Any help appreciated from those who know their customs or better yet a Canadian who bought these.
    Edit: Apparently UPS charges a brokerage fee for customs clearance and even without duty these would ring up close to $425. So now I'm wondering, if a well known poster with some sale feedback would help a poor Canadian out, buy these for me and have them shipped over as a gift or something.
  2. Rip N' Burn
    If the value is declared to be less than $100, you won't get hit with any custom fees. I don't think soundearphones will do that for you. I know that earphonesolutions will. From my experience, go with USPS shipping. Having to pay custom fees with USPS/Canada Post is hit an miss when the declared value is over $100. With Fedex and UPS, I always have to pay custom fees with anything over $100.
  3. Shirukii
    I ended up having them shipped to a friend's in the US, he'll ship them over when he gets them.
  4. mffl41

    Smart idea


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