Earsonics Hybrid "Stark" and "Blade"....
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I'm very excited to listen to the Stark! I wonder how the bass is strong compared to the EM10...
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I also would like to listen to them but... price.... and affordability..
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Interesting.... earSonic's take on Rai Penta , which was mezes take on Sirius a91.

Yet Another 5 driver hybrid tuned via acoustic chamber with 3 way crossover.

Perhaps they executed it better than Penta and avoid that 7 to 8 khz offensive treble. Shift it further to the brilliance region would be ideal.

Looking forward to a tour of these.
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Earsonics finally doing hybrids, exciting! They have evolved in an interesting direction these past few years.
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Kind of a quick listen as opposed to a review.

That plus historical bias against the brand.... no comment

Both arrived today, new units so they will have to be burnt in especially Stark which has bombastic bass out of the box!




Impressions coming :)

Item created as well :
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My first impression is, it need some burn in the bass is a bit overpowering don't remember it that way at the Paris Audio Video show so burn in required!

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