E-MU 0204
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100+ Head-Fier
Jan 30, 2011

[size=medium]I have a new E-Mu 0204 that I'm running with some Sony MBR XB700 headphones. I know the Sonys are not the greatest headphones but they were on sale and promised some decent bass. I like the 0204 but, I'd like to add something else in with it to further enhance the sound of my audio. I'm in the process of re-digitizing my music collection. I never realized how bad .mp3 is until I upgraded my stock computer audio and 10 dollar desktop speakers. I ordered a FiiO E5 two weeks back, will that slot in between the headphones and the 0204 somehow? I don't have a very big budget but, I wanted some better quality sound. I appreciate the assistance. [/size]

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