1. squadgazzz

    E-MU Teak vs Fostex TH600

    Hello everyone! I couldn't find any comparison between these models. Can anyone tell me the main difference? I'm looking for a very detailed sub-bass and I hate trebles.
  2. BuddhaBruce

    New here :) Closed cans to pair with He-560s

    Hello, I just joined this forum and the hifi audio game pretty recently. I'm active on Reddit and bought my first pair of hifi cans audio 3 months ago. Basically from reviews and research I decided to buy myself a pair of He-560s paired with an Uber Schiit Stack. I love them, but I don't have...
  3. BearMonster

    E-MU Wooden Series Headphones

    This one seems to have slipped by. These headphones are by E-Mu who are connected to creative known for their soundcards. E-MU Teak E-MU Walnut http://www.emu.com/images/headers/topbanner/Woodseries.pdf E-Mu Teak looks interesting wonder how close it will sound to D5000.
  4. freedom11b

    As all of you already know. i bought 2 pairs of headphones (lol)

    Bought a pair of denon ah-d2000 and v moda m-80s.   Denons sound amazing, they really do. the vmoda m-80s.... I dont know why, but i prefer this sound. LOVE THESE HEADPHONES There super light, small, sleek in my opinion, the case that comes with it i can throw into my bag and not worry...
  5. milkyspray

    Mdr ex500 vs Mdr ex1000

    I own these monitors and was wondering if anyone else noticed that these two monitors sound almost exactly the same? I have both of them burned-in  about 100 hours of white noise. I brought the 500s a few weeks before the 1000s and I was very impressed with the sound quality of the 500s. The...
  6. jmcejuela

    E-MU 0204 on Linux: working!

    I've just got today the DAC E-MU 0204 USB and I can happily tell that it works on Linux (using the Arch Linux distro myself)   It was not automatic, though. I got the last alsa git repositories (kmirror and drivers) and had to recompile. If somebody is interested I will write a mini...
  7. powerlifter450

    Most Bass heavy headphones?

    I listen to many different types of music but, sometimes when listening to techno or rap I like some really deep bass. For that reason I paired my E-Mu 0204 with Foobar and the Sony MBR XB700s. I've ordered some BeyerDynamic 770/80 ohms. What other cans would sound good/ go well with the 0204...
  8. powerlifter450

    E-MU 0204

      I have a new E-Mu 0204 that I'm running with some Sony MBR XB700 headphones. I know the Sonys are not the greatest headphones but they were on sale and promised some decent bass. I like the 0204 but, I'd like to add something else in with it to further enhance the sound of my audio. I'm in...