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As all of you already know. i bought 2 pairs of headphones (lol)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by freedom11b, Sep 9, 2011.
  1. freedom11b
    Bought a pair of denon ah-d2000 and v moda m-80s.
    Denons sound amazing, they really do.
    the vmoda m-80s.... I dont know why, but i prefer this sound. LOVE THESE HEADPHONES
    There super light, small, sleek in my opinion, the case that comes with it i can throw into my bag and not worry about harming them. and. i just. wow, the bass rocks on them, there crystal clean and there super comfy. sit right on my ears not to big or to small.
    +111111111111111111 from me. will continue to support them.
    love the denons to. but i am favoring the vmodas.. lol
  2. freedom11b
    I really dont know, i love both headphones. the denons are way more comfy, (full sized)and i can practically fall asleep wearing them... I love them both. good $400 spent.
    that concludes my review xD they both pwn.
  3. koolkat
    Oh no, you're not done. A couple of days/weeks/months down the road you'll be looking to get an amp, dac or a combo. 
  4. freedom11b
    i ordered an fiio e6 last night, 30shipped. its gonna be ok for starters i read.
  5. obzilla
    You're not done until headfi says you're done :cool:
  6. koolkat
  7. Gwarmi
    Hope you stick with them and don't contract upgrade-itis
    which is more contagious than bird flu on this forum

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