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Durability of Klipsch Image S4

  1. ceapy
    Hey everyone, just wanted to know how long the S4 lasts before it stops playing music (problems with wire). I'm going to be working out with them three times a week and listening to them at school for about 3 hours.
    Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Cycle10s
    I've had mine for about 6 months and see no signs of problems (yet). I work out with them about twice per week. That cord is certainly thin and the Klipsch 2-year warranty doesn't cover it, so hopefully it's stronger than it looks!
  3. winkyeye
    I had them for a few days but returned them. There doesn't seem to be strain relief at the driver as the wires were just tied in a knot inside the driver. The wires are also really thin (but this may just be me since my previous phones had cloth covered wires and were twice as thick).
  4. ethan961
    Klipsch's warranty doesn't cover the cable? That's ridiculous.. are you sure?
  5. rawrster
    ^ It does not cover the cable. They may cover it depending on if they believe it has been abused or not.

    When I owned these if I used the stock tips then they probably would not last very long due to them being pretty difficult to take out. When I used olives the housing would not go as much in the ear so it was easier to take out.
  6. ceapy
    Thanks, does klipsch allow you to return the earphones (if theyre broken) and exchange them with the same one (that works)?
    Also, more comments on the durability of the image S4s would be great. Thanks!
  7. firecandy
    I've been working out with them for about 3 months and there haven't been any problems so far.
    But I make an effort to stay aware of the cables so they don't get caught on anything. I also shift the cables to the side when I'm doing the benchpress so it doesn't get pressed between my chest and the barbell.
  8. CircaV12
    I used my s4 for over a year in the gym, 4-5 days a week for a couple hours each time and they took tons of abuse and still were perfectly fine once I stopped using them a month ago.  They would on occasion get ripped out of my ears also, so i would say they are pretty durable.
  9. Surag238
    I know this is a bit late, but I want to post at least for future users.
    For IEMs I think durability should be the number one issue (over sound quality even)
    I think Klipsch have awful durability.  Some of you managed to keep them working for a long time.  great!
    I bought them through Amazon and 5 days after the 30 day warranty I saw that they were torn.  Klipsch refused to refund but were willing to exchange (they have 2 years from Klipsch).  I begged Amazon to take them back and they did.  
    The tearing took place on the sleeve that houses the cord attaching to the microphone.  I was disappointed at this -80 bucks for it to tear apart.  In ONE month.
    Anyway the sound was great, but not impressive. It was clear but I wanted it richer so I'm going with over the ears.  We'll see how that turns out.  
    I recommend a DO NOT BUY.  
  10. lazuline
    I had exactly the same experience. The durability on the S4 is almost as bad as the mids.

  11. clanecks
    Eh, since I found this topic, let me just throw my hat in to the ring.  I had mine for about a year, and work out on a daily basis with it.  I always kept it in the tin container.  On the right side just beneath where the cord connects with the head phone itself, the plastic/rubber housing started to rip, which made the cord come loose.  Then the right side stopped working.  For an $60 to $80 pair of headphones, I certainly expected a lot more durability than just 1 year.  I can't find my receipt so I'm not sure if Klipsch will honor its warranty.  We'll see.
  12. Yoshimano
    According to my personal experience, the Image S4 are great for the sound and their acoustic isolation (the seal provided by the particular oval-shaped earbuds).
    However, when it comes to durability, even though I use them everyday a lot, they never lasted longer than one year, and for each pair I owned, I had to send it back for replacement once or twice. I don't use them for sport (or really occasionnally).
  13. NocturnalKnives
    My wife has the "touch of death" with just about everything, if it can break, she will break it (I'm not sure how I've even lasted twelve years!).  When I want to test the durability of something, especially electronics, I give it to her.  We pre-ordered iPhone 4s', I still have my pre-ordered 32gb...she's had 14.
    I gave her a set of S4i's that I had that were no longer in my rotation.  She doesn't care about anything "hifi" just size, looks, and a mic.  She was amazed at how good they sounded (easy to do in this case) and has had them for about two months now.  So far the dog has lightly chewed the left bud, the cord was shut a few times in the glove box door, I found them in the bathtub (no water in the tub, but who knows?!?!), she left them plugged into a treadmill at the gym for three day (how they were still there I will never know), and I cringe every time she takes them out of her ears...she yanks them out about half way down the cord!!!
    I feel bad for them honestly.  But, the only visible damage is from where the dog chewed them a little...a couple little teeth dents.  I put them in yesterday and they still work, even the mic and controls. 
    Maybe they are the exception?  She had to have a set of beats when they came out because it was "cool" at the gym...pulled the wire right out of a bud in eight days.  Four or five sets of Sony EX58's...all broken in days.  And, a slew of chain store buds from $9-$100 or whatever looked pretty that day.  I'm pretty impressed that these have lasted this long...two months of her abuse is like two years to the normal human being.  So, I have to say our experience has been pretty good with the S4i.
    Also, they do make the "rugged" version that is supposedly sweat/water resistant and apparently more of a robust build.  I did read somewhere though that the sound quality is a bit different.  I never really cared for their SQ to begin with, but just a suggestion. 
  14. Blungo995
    Have a pair great sound and I think it will last pretty long. I dislike the plastic build but the 2 year warranty covers that so I should not worry at all. Overall I love them and want to buy the s4 rugged model when it breaks or shorts out! I would definitely get it at Best Buy they are selling it for 50. 30 cheaper then the originals. I also like it because, it does not need to much power to use it and is very loud. I recommend this product to anyone who wants a great headphone with a oval tip and a 2 year warranty!
  15. Mooses9
    Overall I was unimpressed with the s4 I has cable issues along with built quality issues. I expected morecand got less.

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