DUNU 4 Driver, 5 Driver new Hybrid earphone presentation on 2015 the 22nd Beijing International Hi-Fi Exhibition

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  1. Ahmad313
    Excellent stuff , any information about the release date and prices ,???
  2. mochill
    Early December
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  3. Ahmad313
    Ohh dear , this December will bring us so many new and exciting stuff ,
  4. Paulus XII
    What are those 2 IEMs all about? Config?
  5. Raketen
    Falcon C is supposed to be a 'high end' single dynamic. Think hybrid is the (possibly renamed) 4001? 4xBA 1xDD.
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  6. Paulus XII
    If the "high-end" dynamic is supposed to sound any better than the FiiO EX1 II, I'm all over it :p

    NOTE: FiiO EX1 II (aka improved Dunu Titan 1) = Very close to DK3001. It has been end-game for me and I kiss my wallet every month. lol.
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  7. Zelda
    updated my review on the DK3001 with the new 2.5mm cable

    dk cable 2 (1).JPG dk cable 2 (6).JPG
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  8. Oscar-HiFi
    We have a Falcon C sample in the office, very nimble and quick, detailed and quite neutral. Bass digs deep but is always tight and controlled, midrange is open airy and detailed, the highs extend easily with great presence and sparkle. I really like it's sound, not as full sounding as the DK-3001, but a very good single dynamic IEM :)
  9. Dobrescu George
    Now I really want to hear a Falcon-C, sounds like it would really be up my alley!
  10. Lidson Mendes Br
    Any comparison with Ibasso IT01?
  11. Oscar-HiFi
    I don't have the IT01 but the price difference between the two renders a comparison a bit useless in my opinion :)

    I feel you will like them, excellent for fast music and great treble.
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  12. Lidson Mendes Br

    I do not like bright IEM so I ended up changing my mind when I bought Falcon-C and Ibasso I01 was on the list.

    Shanling M3s - $ 280
    Ibasso IT01 - U $ 100

    I have this budget and I have opted for this equipment, and in the future I will buy an Ibasso IT04.
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  13. HiFiChris Contributor
    The IT01 is technically (dare I say much?) more capable than you probably think. :wink:

    It's definitely going to be a very interesting comparison between the It01 and Falcon-C (and IE 800). They (those three in-ears) are much closer when it comes to technical capability than their price probably indicates.
  14. Lidson Mendes Br
    I want to see a review comparing Ibasso IT01 x Dunu Falcon-C x Singot En700Pro
  15. Dobrescu George
    From the start, EN700Pro goes for a different signature than IT01, EN700 is mid and bass centric, with less treble, while IT01 is slightly U/V shaped.
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