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Don't get why "Audiophile" Power Cable would improve sound quality

  1. Beautifulsound
    No instrument or scope can measure whether a power cord or interconnect sounds good. For that matter, neither can these measures exactly how good a pair of headphones may sound in the real world. 
    The gold standard is the human ears. It is ultimately how the ears perceive the sound. We are not robots or androids. 
    There are basically 2 approaches to designing a hifi product. First the measurement method of frequency response to achieve a theoretical ideal best. The second is the golden ear approach in which live humans craft the sound which in their best opinion and knowledge constitutes the best sound.
    So, interconnects and power cables are mainly made using the golden ear approach and never by just measurements. 
    Similarly, the recording process is affected by the recording engineer who uses his many tools to craft the sound which constitute the best sound in his personal professional opinion. It is never flat frequency response per sec he is after.  
    Even if we are purists and don't use any equalisations or tone controls, the music played is never flat as the source is already somewhat manipulated by the recording engineer.
    Interconnects and power cables are sometimes perceived as having "a tone control" effect on the sound. Old timers will tell you that different cables of different manufacturers have different sound as if different tone controls are used. 
  2. Hooster
    I have dabbled with low end power cables and never found a significant difference to the stock standard variety. However, I just got Nordost Odin Valhalla with Furutech FI-50M plugs for my integrated amplifier. I am pretty gobsmacked and now a believer. I have no idea why it sounds better. It just does.
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2017
  3. Mshenay Contributor
    I'm with you there, I just got some Pangea Audio AC 14's and they made an immediate and noticeable improvement... granted they are replacing some 7-8 year old likely super generic IEC 320 cables so who know's what negative effects they had.

    But for $35 a pop I'm impressed, some one also suggested if your PC is suffering from freezing it could be issues with brown outs, so to solve that I got a Power Conditioner like 4 years ago... but I still had an issue with freezing... so I replaced all my input output cables [also old and of unknown origins] and that helped kinda but it still persisted. Finally after replacing my IEC 320 power cable I've been running for 5 days without any freezes!

    So I'm not going to tell you that $1000 cables make a difference, but for $35 Pangea has impressed me... I might upgrade again in another 6-7 years
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  4. Redcarmoose
    The cool part about power cables is after you buy some you can if you want keep them for your whole audiophile journey. I was allowed to try my power cables for a couple days before having to either return them or buy them, I also purchased used so I payed a fraction of full price.

    I thought I could hear a difference so I'm happy. Though if someone tries power cables and does not hear a change it could be the system or their hearing or both. I realize that placebo is powerful and could be a huge perception changer. But really it's a free world, folks can spend their own money any way they choose. That said it's truly hilarious the final ends audiophiles go to improve sound. The crystals and rocks, special audio stands and cable elevators can and do generate placebo for many listeners. I mean why else would they not make mirror shine faceplates, they drastically improve the sound!

    The part that's confusing is many audiophiles believe it's the cable section from the socket in the house to the equipment which is ALL important. Simply that small section many feel makes the difference.

    So no matter how bad the electrical is going into your house, even if you haven't regenerated the current in pure form, the cable is still going to make the difference.

    I used to use cheap computer cables for my amps but now feel the boutique cables sound better. A heathy viewpoint is to try them and see.

    Also if people have a hard stance about it being a waist of money they need to get respect too. Both sides can agree different equipment change outs other than cables make the most difference. Here though we have enthusiasm from people who have gained a level of sound and believe cables are taking that sound to a slightly better level.

    A final attitude stems from many which believe it's the combined efforts of each piece of equipment that simply add-up. Cables, amps, sources each can do their part to cause a tone to be parlayed in the end.
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2017
  5. Mshenay Contributor
    I think that's really it, everything comes together at the end. I made all of my cable improvements within like a week and saw a difference, with regards to the Cabling in home I've had a power conditioner for years, it made a difference when I dropped it into my rig years ago and I'd like to think having it has helped or worked with improved cables to further home my rig's clarity as a whole
  6. leeperry
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2017
  7. chrispyduck1
    Personally I dont understand all the technicalities of mains cables, ive heard expensive ones which made a huge difference some no difference but now with most things hifi I just look for a bargain and with mains cables I use Belden 83803 throughout and they sound great with a price to match.

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