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  1. josephthebassist
    Hi guys! Here’s a picture of a random corgi so I can subscribe to the thread◡̈
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  2. Redcarmoose
  3. paddycrow
    A71D9FB0-1207-41F4-9414-1DB5AC3B39F4.jpeg 4EC9AA74-48CA-4557-812D-02B4A18403F3.jpeg I have two!
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2019
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  4. Shaggy8675
    Some great dogs here. A real dog person here. Couldn't live without them :)

    Atm we have 2 large Poodles, and 1 Bouvier des Flandres




  5. Quinto
    Poddles are so underrated, what a great looking dogs, smart too , the bouvier was popular in the 80-ties where I live, don't see them much anymore.

    Pity, although it's good for the health of the bouviers in general..

    -edit- o haha je komt uit Nederland, gave honden man!
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2019
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  6. Podster
    Sorry for your loss, I'm sure Boob's had 11 wonderful years despite his affliction because of your love:smiley: I love how Chihuahuas always look relatively the same their whole lives, my Havanese looked so different as a puppy from his adult self:rolling_eyes:

    Hard to believe they are even the same dog!

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  7. Amberlamps
    Thank you for your kind words.

    We are just awaiting a litter of chihuahua’s to be born. Then they will stay with the mum for 10 weeks and get vaccinations and chipped. So it’s looking like it will be summertime before we get our hands on another chi. One which will be Kennel Club registered, which is a good thing, as alot of people are selling fake chihuahuas.

    They look like a chi when they are a baby, but, when grown up you can easily tell that they are fake and of a mixed breed.
  8. Podster
    Indeed, it's a shame how much is being faked these days. There is such a lack of integrity in the world today it's truly sad. Great news on that new Chi even if you have to wait a little longer:beerchug:
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  9. Shaggy8675
    Yes, we are Dutch, wel 50% that is haha :wink:

    But yes, poodles are great. But people keep calling them labradoodles... Dumbasses haha
    And the Bouviers, they seem to have more and more problems. The Dutch bloodlines are dominated by a few breeders, which causes problems. 2 of my Bouviers had epilepsy. A lot of real pedegrees seem to g et that because of limited fresh bloodlines, from Bouviers to Labrador etc.
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  10. Wyville
    Spoke to a neighbour a couple of days ago and the same thing is happening with Leonbergers. The breeder of her Leonberger even switched breeds because of it, which is a terrible shame because my wife and I were looking to get a Leonberger once circumstances allow.

    Bouviers are great, btw. Grew up around them because my uncle used to have Bouvier kennels in Eersel (yep, more Dutchies around here).

    Anyone else enjoyed Crufts over the weekend? We had the live streams on all weekend. (Crufts YouTube channel)
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  11. Leonarfd
    Had a Siberien Husky before this wippet, both my wife and I must agree on one thing. So much more easy with a less dominant dog like this.

    Depending on the picture she can be cute or ugly :grinning:
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  12. Amberlamps
    Yesterday a breeder in my city posted an ad online for 10 week old chihuahua’s and guess what, I’m getting a puppy later today :)

    He is not the same colour as my boobs, which is probably a good thing, as I was hunting for a white and black chi, but if we got one, we would forever be comparing it to boobs.

    So we have opted for a tri-colour chi, it is tan, black and white.

    This is a picture of him from the seller, he is 10 weeks old.


    Awww, doesn’t he look cute ?

    Now we just need to figure out a name for him.

  13. DLeeWebb Contributor
    Oh my, he's precious! Look at that face! Congratulations! I think you made a good call getting a different color from "boobs." You will have a constant reminder of your new puppy's uniqueness. while preserving that visual and emotional memory of boobs. Boobs, through you, will infuse this new puppy with his spirit. Good luck with the name and keep us posted!
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  14. Amberlamps
    Yeah, he looks like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth, but I know the crazy that he is about to bring back into our home.

    I think you’re right regarding not going for the same colour as boobs, it’s been 4 months since he passed, and looking back, I was just wanting a black and white replacement for boobs, which it wouldn’t be and it would be weird and we would be forever comparing them.

    As for the name, that will take some time, I will post it here along with a better photo, but I know one thing, his name won’t be 2 boobs or boobs 2 :)

  15. Podster
    Those cute Gremlin ears and take me home and I'll love you forever eyes is all it takes! Congrats:beerchug:
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