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Does anyone have experience with the Kef LS50?

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  1. jazzfan
    First, I have to say, you have an extremely generous friend with good taste in gear.
    Regarding an amp, if you are really on a tight budget, you might want to consider getting a Parasound Zamp v3 to drive the LS50s. At 45 wpc into 8 ohms, should be more than enough power for a desktop system in a small room played a sane levels. You can also upgrade in the future if you need more power by getting a second Zamp and run in a dual mono configuration which will give you 90 wpc into 8 ohms. It's a nice little amp that can often be found used for under $300.
    Save up for a good sub and you'll have a great first system.
  2. cuiter23
    Perhaps looking into a system that offers wireless streaming so you don't need to spend so much on a separate source. 
    Totem Acoustics is running a kickstarter program for their new Class D amplifier. Not sure how it will pair with the LS50s but Totem is generally known to produce some good gear. For what it offers, the kickstarter price is a great deal imo.
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  3. Jpbas1

    The NAD 3020D is an amazing integrated amp as well for $349.00 new from certain retailers.   It offers a built in DAC and BT capability.  50 to 100 wpc.  I laughed because I usually don't like Class D amps- but it drove a pair of my 4 ohm speakers perfectly.  That's a tough drive...
    I've owned other Class D stuff like the Peachtree Decco series and Bel Canto C5i.  Both cost substantially more.
    Hey I've just ordered the kef ls50 in the new black and blue colour. They should arrive in a week. They will be run with the following components :

    Kef ls50
    Parasound halo p5 pre amp.
    Sony xa7es cd player
    Jl audio fathom f113 sub
    Clearaudio concept turntable running audiotechnica MC cartridge
    Cambridge audio Azur 651p phono stage
    Mark levinson 334 power amp

    Pretty happy with the setup so far and also started my vinyl collection. I'm sick of digital music so this has rekindled my love with physical music.

    My headphone collection is in the other room which Is LCD3F,HD800s, EL-8s,PM3 and a couple of others.
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  5. Jpbas1

    What a killer set up! It's always nice to hear the effort and passion people have for their systems. Please keep us posted with playback details.... Can't wait.
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    Will do for sure. I wasn't planning on the fathom but I got it at a steal. It is the most ridiculous thing. It weighs something like 56kg. The power amp also weighs around 53kg.

    I think the fathom will seriously fill any gaps in low down that the kefs can't fulfil.

    The speakers should arrive in the next two weeks, same as the pre. Then I just have to cable it all up and run it in.

    The room is not ideal, but I'm moving house early next year so it will have to do for now.
  7. pervysage

    Congrats! The LS50's are heavenly.

    Definitely post pics when you get them, I want to see the nice blue/black colour.
    Can someone confirm that the kef ls50 can use speaker cables terminated in spades?

    I just tracked down a Damn nice set of speakers but it turns they run banana plugs or bare wire only :/
  9. Blueshound24

    They can accept spades, bananas or bare wire. The LS50's are excellent in the nearfield as I use them :)

    This is weird as I tweeted kef before and they said they can't accept spades, only banana plugs and bare wire?

    It's academic anyway as I ended up with the Martin logan 60xt speakers.
  11. Blueshound24

    Hmm, I think someone has their wires crossed, I'm running spades to mine. Unless they have changed the design since I got mine, but I doubt KEF would do that.
    Yeah a bit weird.  They wrote word for word "sorry you cant use those cables, just bare wire or 4mm banana plugs only"
    Oh well, not doubting you if you have it.  But yes they are sold out here and they are only getting new stock in March, plus the floorstanding Martin Logans sounded magnificent so im happy with my choice. 
  13. Blueshound24

    I have considered the bookshelf ML's as well, but not sure how well they would integrate in a nearfield, desktop s/u. I have not heard them, but I am intrigued by their folded ribbon tweeter.
    The tweeter was amazing.  I auditioned the ML 35XT yesterday 
    The high's were excellent on this.  The folded ribbon is much larger in the 60XT and the warmth and richness of the sound were obviously a lot better on the bigger speaker.  The little ones imaged very well.  i went with the 60XT however. 
    Both the KEF and these are excellent speakers, however for me the ML had the sound i want, but i thought the KEF's looked a lot better. 
  15. Blueshound24
    Very nice rig you have there!
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