Does anyone have experience with the Kef LS50?

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  1. musicman2006

    Here are some pictures as request by a couple people. You can see where I replaced the white ceramic resistors with the 1% Mill resistors,not that brand of resistors matters much, it's easy if you know how to solder. The crossover boards are held in place by a jagged toothed plastic brace inserted to the cabinet that can be carefully pried out with a screwdriver. Also you can see, KEF thought it a good idea to wrap their capacitors on the tweeter board in their own constrained layer damping material, the same stuff they put on the front cabinet bracing. A quick peek underneath reveals they are Clarity Caps. There also is not much space to work with as far as placing your own extra CDL material but it works and I also put some behind the Xover boards since there is enough clearance. 
    More importantly, I put two layers of the Dynamite on the baffle as shown to reduce reverberation directly to the driver as well as some smaller cut pieces on the other areas such as the raised lip where the driver is screwed into the baffle. In the last pic you can see some white cotton batting in the back which I experimented with replacing some of the foam  but didn't find there was much of a difference so I put all the foam pieces back in, not blocking the port on the upper right. The tan looking stuff is the soft material KEF uses between the two hard surfaces of the cab bracing and the baffle to complete the CDL system.  A stiff surface is the reason I chose Dynamite because other brands I used did not have aluminum backing as thick as Dynamite does, and yet another horrible brand I used actually had the butyl rubber melt , thankfully I found that out the hard way with much cheaper speakers years ago. 
    Note: I don't have any relation to Dynamat, it's just what I have found that works best after using several other brands. 
  2. 33na3rd
    Thank you for posting those images!
    Are all the capacitors in the LS50 film types, or are there electrolytic's in there too? 
    Thanks, JAS
  3. musicman2006
    According to the KEF white paper for the LS50, the company uses film capacitors. 
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  4. Overpricedcable
    Posting this on a few forums, need some KEF advice.
    Ok, so after hooking up a few mismatched speakers to test surround sound for my room, I'm sold. The Frankenstein setup is as follows: Front LR Kef LS50, surround LR Pioneer ebs73, sub SVS sb12 nsd, and of the two svs ultra bookshelf speakers that I jacked from my roomate temporarily (just a standard bookshelf speaker).
    I'm thinking about replacing the rest of the mismatched speakers and getting three more KEF ls50 (two to use as surrounds and one as a center, in addition to the two KEF I already have to make a 5.1). My question is this: would I be better off buying dedicated surround speakers, such as the svs ultra surrounds, and a dedicated center, like the svs ultra center, or going all KEF? I really don't know the benefit of a dedicated surround vs just the KEF. Same with the center. Price isn't the concern here. My main concern is the form factor. I see the speakers that I listed have a different design (the SVS center is a traditional design, and the surround has two sides to it and is supposed to be wall mounted). That's radically different than a single driver, and I wasn't sure what I'd be missing if I went with a non-specialized design for my surround speakers.
    Thanks so much for the advice, I'm new when it comes to surround setups. For comparison:
    Ultra surround:
    Ultra center:
  5. yage
    My understanding is that most 'surround' speakers are built so that they sound good right up against a wall or in a wall - mainly for convenience. If you want to use your surround system for critical listening to music in surround, then five LS50's and a subwoofer will do quite nicely. However, placement would be pretty tricky (the 'surround' LS50's would be placed well away from walls) and you'll probably make an enemy of your roommate if it's a shared space. If you care more about movies in surround and their whiz-bang effects then you probably could get away with a slightly mismatched system with SVS surrounds + center channel and your LS50's acting as the 'front' speakers.
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  6. Overpricedcable
    Hello again! I recently bought another pair of KEF LS50 from Amazon for $1,049.00 (link, seller is discount music: I noticed the item says used but the description says brand new, which is understandable since Amazon only lets some items go as new if they are listed by authorized sellers. 
    I bought them, received them, and everything looks brand new. The box is the same (sealed with KEF tape), the speakers have no blemishes, they sound the same, and all the literature is included. Here is the issue: there is no serial number on neither of the two speakers nor the box. My original KEF order had both.
    Aside from voiding the warranty, is there reason for concern? They don't appear fake at all. I am curious about if they are refurbished or recertified--would this be a reason for no serial number? The reviews for that dealer are also suspect, which I should have looked at more closely other than just the % rating. I've contacted the buyer and am waiting for a response (they've responded to my inquiries before).
  7. nasiemp
    Curious as to your positioning in your room.. My room has similar dimensions and I'm trying many things to make sure there isn't a bass boom with heavy bass tracks.

  8. treal512
    This thread needs more pictures >>
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