Do you wear socks when you sleep?
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if it's cold then i wear my socks, but i prefer to sleep without them as it feels good to air out my feet at night

my gf likes to sleep with her fan on while i sleep on the outside... so i usually wear my socks when i'm there. a/c + a fan blowing at you all night = uber cold
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Hell no! Afterall, my sweaty feet tend to stink without socks giving extra warmth and therefore more sweat. Even on cold nights I only have my underwear, no pyjamas etc... I love to sleep in cool temperature.

Also, socks on bed feels so wrong as an idea, but who am I to judge...
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The ONLY time I am not wearing socks is when I am taking a shower. Otherwise, it is socks all the way. I cannot stand not having a pair of socks on. It makes my feet feel physically uncomfortable, almost like an ache. Plus, the coldness of being unsocked is never comfortable, especially when I am trying to get some sleep. It is very difficult for me to fall asleep without socks due to the sensation of coldness and my feet rubbing against the covers.

I feel kind of naked without socks on, really.

EDIT: Also, when I am in my home, I always have a pair of slippers on as well, in addition to a comfy pair of socks.

Wow, stated my case exactly, slippers and all.
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I was always under the impression when you wear socks to sleep, it increases the chance of athletes foot and similar foot problems, so i've always slept with them.

however a few people on my floor here at school leave their socks on at night, so i wonder head-fi...

how are your feet when you sleep?

Youre under the impression that wearing socks to sleep increases your chances of athelets foot, you youve always slept with them?

If you want athletes foot, use public showers with your socks on, and then wear them to bed, and youll increase your chances of getting it

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I sleep completely naked unless I have friends staying over.
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Darn double post. Second one looks better so ill leave that
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Originally Posted by bhd812 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
You should always wear the correct socks for what your doing!

i have never had foot problems nor have my feet ever stank. i always have socks and shoes on unless i am in the Shower/Jacuzzi/Sauna, well i don't wear shoes to sleep but socks yes.

after every shower i like to use Neutrogena Body Moisturizer lotion on my hands and feet then after a few mins of drying time i put my socks on.
i also like to soak my feet in super hott water and give them a good 4 stage scrub down to prevent any hard and nasty skin, my feet are very

another simple tip is to always use Cedar shoe Trees in all of your shoes when not in use, the Cedar will dry up any small moisture from the day and keep your shoes looking new. never wear the same pair of shoes the next day, always have at least two pairs of similar type so they have enough time to dry all moisture. buy GOOD shoes to prevent further back and foot problems and always wear the correct socks with the right shoe! for skinny loafers like dress shoes go with a skinny dress sock but for heavy work boot go with a heavy sock...make sure you give them good drying time afterwards!

Don't ever wear shoes without socks!!! eewwww you have any idea of whats getting inside your skin then? eewwww

i love my feet and hands...soo damn soft!

Have any make-up tips?

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