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DIY SR80i Cups (Or where can I buy wood cups...)

  1. kiloecho
    I'm new to the whole audiophile scene, but after buying my first set of "real" headphones I became enlightened. I finally figured out what I've been missing. Now I'm getting into modding, and want to tear apart my SR80i's. All I've really done so far is tear them down and punch out the holes in the back. However, in my quest to peel off the little SR80i medallions, I managed to do some serious damage to the cups. They're still useable, but certainly not pretty.
    I did some searching and came across this fellow: http://www.martincustomaudio.com/. I really like his work, and dug around on his site a bit to try to order some cups but I can't really figure out how. I sent him a PM here for available woods and how to order, but haven't seen a response (if you know the secret to getting in touch with him, let me know!). So I figured in the meantime, until I can find someone who will sell me a new set of slip-on cups, I'd like to try my hand at making a simple pair out of PVC or something. Does anyone have any tips, tricks, dimenions, or do's and dont's for this? I'm just looking to make some fairly simple cups to get my Grado's back in the game until I can find someone to fabricate me a set.
  2. liamstrain
  3. chrislangley4253
    martin does do great work.
    I've been in the grado modding scene for a long time.. the best advice I can give you is to upgrade your drivers first, then your cups, then your cable if you feel the need (I actually prefer the tone copper gives)
    If you are going to put any more money towards your sr80i, you'll get a lot more bang for your buck moving up to "magnum" drivers from symphones.. It will be a much larger upgrade than wooden cups.
    Also, martin is expensive.. maybe try to diy your own cups using different woods. I would suggest that you include limba and zebrawood among them. Limba can be real amazing with the right drivers. 

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