Discussion: Hardware EQ and Headphone Setups

  1. InsanityOne
    Hello Everyone,

    I have finally reached a point where I am content with my headphone setup, but would like to add in a hardware EQ so that I can tweak the sound as I please for different sets of cans, music, etc. I was just wondering if anyone here has had any experience with using a nice hardware EQ in their signal path, or if it is even a good idea to start with? According to my research, it could definitely add some benefits and versatility to the system without sacrificing any quality given you buy a high quality model.

    NOTE: I am strictly looking at parametric hardware EQ's and not graphic or software EQ's. I have my eye on a Klark Teknik DN410 in good condition and wanted to know what some other people thought of the idea of using it (or any hardware EQ) for a headphone rig.


    - InsanityOne :darthsmile:
  2. MF Kitten
    I used a Behringer digital EQ to make headphone EQ corrections. It was fantastic! Now I use an even more insane setup with a digital mixer that has a ton of EQ options.

    My ideal, though, is to go neat and small, with a miniDSP setup. Their headphone amp might actually be perfect fir me, since it has full DSP capacity and 4 profiles. They also just announced a headphone measurement system that looks amazing, and I am definitely getting one.

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