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Disappointed with Creative EP-630

  1. sachinaddy
    Not possible :frowning2: Thats the problem.
  2. azuredreamz

    Go for the Soundmagic E10 if they have one.
    The PL30 is kinda old, good detail and clarity, but if you want more bass they're not.
    Never tried Senn CX180 though.
  3. sachinaddy

    I bought senniheiser cx-270 ... I saw sennisheiser 400 precisions ll , the price is double but is it value for money ?

    I like sennheiser ... It came with 2 yr hand to hand replacement in my country..
  4. shibnath
    Hi. i'm from kolkata too..
    Now about the headgears... don't go for cx180.. it's sound is not that good according to it's price... and it's base is not that good... instead u can go for a soundmagic pl30 or e10... both are available on flipkart and they have cash on delivery option.. so no tension... i've heard those..
    But Brainwavz M2 is a good option too i thing (haven't tried just read lot of reviews)... it's available on ebay.in and costs rs3000+..

  5. sachinaddy
    i bought cx 270 and found good... my next would be precision if required... happy with senn.
  6. Cron Merdek
    Just for future searches. I own both.
    And I say EP-630 beats crap out of the Brainwavz M2 from all points of view.
  7. -sandro-


    I suggest the Brainwavz M1

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