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Diana: the second release by Abyss Headphones!

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by music alchemist, Aug 13, 2015.
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  1. mulder01
    Oh man. The headphone I have been wishing existed the entire time I've been in this hobby, comes out a month after I decide to sell all my gear and find a new hobby :p
  2. woodcans
    I have owned the i4 in the past and currently own Diana & Phi CC. I would take either over the i4 any day.

  3. kp297
    Why? How so? What type of music do you listen to? What advantages do the Diana hold over the i4? Any input would be appreciated, I won’t be able to audition them anytime soon.
  4. EndGameSearch
    I haven't heard Diana but I own Phi CC and the LCDi4. It's like asking if a two door sports car is better than a four door sports sedan. It's an apples to oranges comparison in my view. The LCDi4's are amazing, but they are not a full size HP. I assume Diana is amazing, but it's not a pocket friendly and efficient open IEM. The i4 is also half the cost. I plan to purchase Diana Phi and keep my i4's.
  5. woodcans
    I agree with your comparison. I would only get the i4 if you can't carry the Diana/DPhi with you. The original Diana, to my ears, is better than the i4 in every category, other than portability.

  6. kp297
    Ah, I see, nice analogy! It's hard to decide which to purchase first. On one hand, i4's can sound great out of my iPhone, but @HiFiGuy528 comments Diana sound unlike anything else and belong in their own category (with only the 1266 besting them). That is a bold claim, but if true could be worth the extra bulk compared to the i4's.
  7. qazxsw80
    If the driver in the AB-1266 Phi CC and Diana Phi are the same then why the specifications on the website are different:
    The AB-1266 Phi CC
    The Diana Phi
    Do those "a few millimeters" make such a big difference?
  8. jlbrach
    the new diana will be a more efficient HP i assume
  9. mulder01
    It must... 3mm diameter smaller, but about 10% difference in surface area.
    I guess they would have to be easier to drive if they are made to be portable. If they had the same amplifier requirements as the 1266 they would not be very portable at all.
  10. koven Contributor
    Is there reason to get Abyss Phi if Diana Phi has same driver?
  11. ray-dude
    Spent a lot of time with both this weekend at RMAF to answer the same question. VERY different experience with the Abyss (I hadn’t experienced any headphone like that before)

    Comfort of Diana Phi was off the charts, but the Abyss kicked all the ass for me (wasn’t even close)
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  12. wasupdog
    If I was considering the 1266 or the Diana Phi at MSRP I'd really go for the 1266. It's only $500 more which is not much, relatively speaking of course.
  13. ufospls2
    In what ways were the sonically different?
  14. ray-dude
    The soundstage and detail with the Abyss was astonishing. I had never heard anything like that before. It was like standing in a virtual reality world

    Diana Phi and a very similar tonal signature and dynamics, but a much more conventional headphone experience. A TOTL experience for sure, but the Abyss experience was (for me) intoxicating

    Diana’s were crazy comfortable. Abyss we’re stupid awkward and uncomfortable, but I’m a newbie and didn’t put any serious energy into adjusting it for my head.

    Only cans that came close to Abyss we’re the Susvaras. Holy crap, the detail!! If I could get the Abyss soundscape and Susvara detail, I would have purchased a pair already
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  15. ufospls2
    Thats the first useful comparison I've read. Thanks man! I'm going to have a hell of a hard time deciding between the two. I reckon if you take the time to adjust them, you might find them pretty comfortable vs. awkward and umcomfortable :)
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2018
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