Desktop Power Options for HD800
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I'm about to purchase the Sennheiser HD800's. Mainly for use at a computer, for video editing, audio encoding and sound design. It's 'Neutral' character is exactly what I'm after.
I'm worried about how I am to power them however. I currently own the first 'Apogee Duet' but I'm afraid of it being a horrid pairing, after reading that the 800's really need a proper amp to sound good.
I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions, as a desktop option? I'd also like something I can chuck in my travel bag, as I'm constantly travelling. The new Apogee Groove website states that the 800's suit the Groove... But I'm just not sure!
Does anyone have any experience powering the 800's well, out of a PC / MAC?
Thanks in advance,
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This thread will be of use to you:
The best amp pairing I've heard with the HD 800 is the Woo Audio WA22.  Getting the most out of the HD 800 is not an affordable task.
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If you like your Duet, look into the Fiio E12 and Cayin C5. Not sure if they have more power than the Groove. You could ask in the E12 and C5 discussion threads and see if anyone has used them with the HD800:
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He wants portable. I can't imagine carrying that around in a bag.

Hah, yeah that part I missed.  I just saw "for use at a computer" and didn't think portable.  Man, good luck finding a portable amp that does the HD 800 justice.  Ray Samuels Audio is worth looking into.  Cavalli also released a portable amp recently.
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Thanks so much for the suggestions guys. I'll post some q's on those forums and check out Ray Samuels and Cavalli. Cheers!
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The Duet will be fine for work. I thought it sounded a bit thin and "digital" for preference when I owned one. I don't think an amp will change anything in that regard. The HD800s don't need power, they need something that will swing voltage well. If an amp can't do that, you'll get a narrow soundstage (everything sounding like it is coming from the front, rather than spread out). I'd give the Duet a go first and see how you feel.
For transportable, I liked the Aurender Flow, but that might be above your budget. You can put a 1TB mSATA drive in it though and use that as a USB3 drive at the same time. If you're not using the Duet for recording, that'd be a good end-game option. 
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Currawong, thanks heaps for this. The Aurender FLOW looks great, I don't know how I missed that. It would also be great for storing my music library, so double goodness there. It's a little out of my budget, but when has that ever stopped us, right
? Especially for an end-game piece.
I know you like the Aurender FLOW for a portable option, but what would be your-non portable option? And how would you say they compare?

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