Desktop audio no hiss??
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Aug 18, 2014
I have a set of JBL LSR305s, and I don't like the amount of audio hiss they give off- audible in silence up to about 1.3m away. It's low, but I'm a video editor so I need it to be pretty silent when there's supposed to be...silence.
Its not fixable, they all do the same, and it has nothing to do with my sound setup (they do it when only powered and no input). So, my question is, what's the best setup I can get for about £375 or less? It doesnt have to be powered, but I'd really like something with no audible hiss unless Im VERY close to the speakers (like, hugging them). I'm interested in clarity more than bass, although bass is welcome. For example, Im avoiding Audioengine A5+ for this reason. The HS7s maybe? But I hear they have hiss too... :frowning2:
All suggestions very welcome!
I should maybe state - I don't actually need reference monitors, a hifi system would be fine. But in my experience hifi systems seem to be all bass and no treble and colour the sound way too much - a more accurate signature would be preferred.

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