1. HeadphonesHero

    Getting rid of noise floor for IEMs?

    Recently I picked up a pair of KZ ZSN PRO X's. It's my first time actually trying anything from KZ, so I started with their low end IEMs. Anyway, whenever I use them I can hear an annoying hiss (which seems to cancel once music actually starts playing.) The hiss persists on any of my devices...
  2. R

    A smartphone with low noise floor?

    I'm looking for a new phone that would, hopefully, pair well with my Shure SE535s. To me that means no audible hiss first, low distortion second, and detail, soundstage, etc. third. Needless to say, the one thing that gets most on my nerves is the hissing. I know the bar is high, because these...
  3. kinonik90

    DAP question and recommendation

    1) If you use a dap, is there a hiss? or Would I need to use an amp to get rid of it? Like when I use andromeda on my v30, there is a noticeable hiss, but when I plug in my portable amp, the hiss goes away. 2) I use a v30 but I was wondering if I were to get a dedicated dap, what would be on...
  4. Vinland

    Require advice on a DAP purchase to pair with my Shure SE215s

    Hello, Recently I bought a pair of Shure SE215s to get more enjoyment out of my audio player (Creative Zen from 2007). However, I hear a moderately loud constant hiss while the IEMs are plugged in. It's so distracting to me that it ruins my enjoyment of listening to podcasts and other voice...
  5. tmorterlaing

    Desktop audio no hiss??

    I have a set of JBL LSR305s, and I don't like the amount of audio hiss they give off- audible in silence up to about 1.3m away. It's low, but I'm a video editor so I need it to be pretty silent when there's supposed to be...silence. Its not fixable, they all do the same, and it has nothing to...
  6. V

    Headphone hiss: cause and elimination

    My laptop is an HP 635 A1E29EA. As far as I could fathom, there is onboard audio only, no dedicated sound card. I recently bought the Sony MDR-V6, and am very happy with them - however, when they're plugged in there is a slight background hissing noise both when there is no audio playing and...
  7. C

    Se215 noise with e17k

    Hi , new member here . I have an e17k and recently bought a pair of se215s and i get a lot of hissing noise even when nothing is playing (on zero gain) Now the noise with my phone or ipad is way less than this . Are all e17k's bad with iems or should i return this unit ?
  8. thomaskyhn

    Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless – background hiss

    I just got a pair of Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless. When they are turned on, there's a noticeable background hiss. It's not loud, but when used in a quiet room, they increase the noise level rather than bring it down. Does anyone know – are these headphones just noisy, or have I been unlucky...