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DENAFRIPS 'ARES' R2R discrete ladder DAC - close up view

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by pitbul34, Jan 28, 2017.
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  1. PitBul34
    Denafrips 'Ares' R2R Ladder DAC & Fostex 208EZ dynamic heads.
    Test #009. Ellington 'The Gal from Joe's'

    Denafrips 'Ares' R2R Ladder DAC & Fostex 208EZ dynamic heads.
    Test #010. Einstürzende Neubauten 'Selbstportrait mit Kater'

    Fostex 208EZ:
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  2. PitBul34
    Holy Grail - DAC-68 R2R $500
  3. rafabro
    Many small capacitors is a advantage neither disadvantage.
    1. They charge and discharge faster then one single equivalent
    2. Summarized impedance (ESR) is much smaller then single, big capacitor.
    Look at the Gryphon Kalliope DAC..
  4. rudra
    Thanks for chiming in @PitBul34
    I am not sure if it is language or it is lost in translation .I asked the same question to the guys in Denafrips and their response was "When through USB, our Dac uses DoP standard. If you prefer ASIO than Dop, the DAC-68 R2R maybe not fit to your preference. "
    Looking forward to your review/opinion of the DAC-8PRO2 R2R
  5. Energy
    So you bought the DAC-68 R2R & DAC-8PRO2 R2R?
    Would be nice if you could compare the later to the Holo Audio Spring. I've been meaning to upgrade my R2R DAC and the Denafrips looks more like the Metrum Pavane Transient modules.
    Agreed. They have their benefits. I was speaking from the standpoint on if one were to break.
    I've contacted Denafrips. May be getting myself a DAC-8PRO2 R2R for review soon. Seems like their reference DAC-1PRO R2R has too many revisions and isn't finalized yet.
  6. PitBul34
    Denafrips 'Ares' can do it. USB digital audio interface use the XMOS latest series chip. I can take a video, if you need (i use Foobar2000 as a software player on my PC). Some additional features aren't documented, f.e. optical interface can do PCM 192k (officially 96k only).
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  7. PitBul34
    No, Denafrips 'Ares' (in my hand)  & DAC-8PRO2 R2R (on the way to me).
    Ok, i'll do it when DAC-8PRO2 comes. About Metrum. Look at this pic, there is a similar bunch of a small caps: 
  8. Energy
    I see. So you're a former owner of the Holo Audio Spring, you've sold it prior to receiving the "Ares" but still recall the sound the Spring gave.
    How long have you had the Spring for? I've been in this hobby for a long time coming and I can't safely state that I can remember a sound by a given equipment, except for headphones. For example, HD800's having a treble rise, clinical sounding, and low bass energy. Personally I have a Holo Audio Spring in hand and plan to compare it to the DAC-8PRO2 R2R.
    You say you prefer the cheaper Ares over the Spring? If that's the case then surely the DAC-8PRO2 R2R will be miles ahead.
    That'll be strange as the Spring is not too far from Metrum Pavane. If this is the case, the DAC-8PRO2 R2R will be on similar levels with the Pavane for much, much cheaper.
    How much did you get your DAC-8PRO2 R2R for?
  9. PitBul34
    ~1 month and i sold it. I received Ares a week later. Holo was the first R2R discrete ladder DAC i've ever heard. So, i remember the sound very well.
    Ares armed by 2x R2R ladder, DAC-8PRO2 - 4x R2R ladder. Will see.

    $1500 USD for DAC-8PRO2 (on the way from Taiwan)
    $700 USD for Ares (in my hands)
    $1180 USD for Holo Spring (sold)
    and $799 for Oppo Sonica (on the way from US)

  10. kevin gilmore
    I don't like that many caps together from a reliability standpoint. If one decides to cause trouble, very hard to figure out which one. But clearly the ESR is going to be lower for a bunch of small caps vs a couple of big caps.
    I do know someone in Iceland that just bought an ares. will be interesting to see their review.
    I expect to see a bunch of under $1k R2R dacs on the market soon
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  11. PitBul34
    You're right !
    Yes, very interesting too. Please provide his review if possible.
    Have you seen the Audio-GD 'Singularity 19' R2R discrete ladder DAC?
  12. Energy
    I see. Were you using it through the USB input? NOS or OS? For me on I2S it sounds exquisite.
    I'm going to make an order for the DAC-8PRO2 after you receive yours and can comment on the sound quality. ETA?
    I'll do a comparison of it to the Metrum Pavane and Holo Audio Spring. The black anodizing and red led's got me otherwise I don't think I would be giving it this much of an effort. [​IMG] 
  13. PitBul34
    I prefer NOS for Holo, but Ares sounds much better for me.
    BTW, Ares has USB input, but does not I2S. DAC-8PRO2 has I2S input, but does not USB.
  14. PitBul34
    Added some new Ares videos.
    Denafrips 'Ares' R2R Ladder DAC & Fostex 208EZ dynamic heads test 011

    Denafrips 'Ares' R2R Ladder DAC native DSD over USB test 012

    Denafrips 'Ares' R2R Ladder DAC & Teac VRDS10 as CD-source test 013

  15. hyperdanny

    me. too.
    It looks very very interesting...
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