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DENAFRIPS 'ARES' R2R discrete ladder DAC - close up view

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by pitbul34, Jan 28, 2017.
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  1. rudra
    @PitBul34 the usb connection in DAC68  bus powered or supplied from internal power supply. 
  2. Energy
    A cool idea.
    Denafrips DAC-8PRO2 R2R + Audiobyte Hydra Z.
    A person could connect the 5V/1A Output from the Power Supply Center to the Hydra Z.
    No need to spend extra money on the ZPM power unit. Then again.. For the money a person can just get a Singxer SU-1 for cheaper.
    I just thought the black enclosure and red led's from both unit would look fairly nice. I thought about it, but my wallet couldn't.
  3. PitBul34
    Don't really know. I have Ares. You can ask guys related to manufacturer at facebook: https://www.facebook.com/audio.broker/ (this link provided by www.denafrips.com).
    I hope, DAC68 use the same latest XMOS, xCORE - 200 series for USB digital interface "which doubles in processing MIPS achieving 1000 MIPS as compared to the old XMOS chip that was commonly used". But DAC68 is a bit cheaper then Ares, so, I'm not sure.
  4. hyperdanny
    the DAC8pro2 has an I2S input in HDMI connection..does anybody know if it is PS Audio pin-compatible? (like the new Matrix pro and, alas, unlike my Gustard X-20).. I tried the website with google translate and couldn't find mention of it.
    thia could be a game changer for me.
  5. Energy
    I'll be using it via I2S input through a Singxer SU-1. I'll let you know what they inform me with in terms of pin configuration.
  6. hyperdanny
    thanks very much!
  7. hyperdanny
    anyway..I just so dig the name--"Denafrips"..how the chinese come up with this stuff?
    I have a Denafrips..oh , really? cool, does it work better than the Vitamix?
  8. Energy
    Haha I laughed at this one too.
    I did some reading. Seems as though they have an even higher up flagship than the DAC-1PRO R2R called the Terminator.
    The DAC-1PRO R2R's final revision is not completed but based on what they tell me, although it has the same or similar internal structure as the DAC-8PRO2 R2R, but made with better materials. Both however still use 0.01% 10PPM discrete resistors.
    The Terminator is said to use 0.005% resistors which like the Seokris R2R, helps with it's SNR and THD.
    -124dB & Distortion: 0.0007% (Terminator) versus -115dB & Distortion: 0.001% (DAC-8PRO2)
    The Terminator features a 26bit module rather than the 25bit located on the DAC-8PRO2 & DAC-1PRO
    I still feel as though I'll prefer in the Holo Audio Spring in the end though as it's NOS and it's design has surprisingly good measurements for an R2R Ladder.
  9. rudra
    @Energy what level is you holo dac.
  10. Energy
    I've had Level 1 & 2. Have tried Level 3 next to them as well. They all sound pretty much the same with the Level 3 "KTE" being a tad quicker in transients and more microdetail, but very subtle.
    I honestly could not tell a difference between Level 1 & Level 2. After they've burned in, they sound exactly the same. This is just from my perspective though. Take it how you may.
    XERO1 likes this.
  11. PitBul34
    > Both however still use 0.01% 10PPM discrete resistors
    Ares and DAC68 uses the same resistors, as i know (~ 250 pcs per 1x R2R Ladder)
  12. sypderman88
     I am currently using Audio Gd DAC 19th 10th anniversary version based on 2 x PCM1704UK.. I wonder will these DACs an upgrade ?
  13. Energy
    Definitely. Their whole line seems to use precision 0.01% resistors with the exception of the "Terminator" being 0.005%.
    All low temperature drift of 10PPM which is nice. I believe 5PPM resistors would cost too much especially if their brand was made to promote as high end gear being 'affordable'.
    I feel like the Ares is a great DAC to have. Even Audio-GD's Singularity 19 is only single ended with 0.1% resistors which are not as good. For the price, the Ares wins hands down.
    Yes. The DAC 19 is not balanced so that's one improvement you'll get. PCM1704UK is an R2R DAC, but not an R2R Ladder, which works differently.
  14. PitBul34
    There are a lot of measurements on russian DA-community forum. **Real Holo Spring Measurements
  15. Energy
    Scroll down further Michael.
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