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Deezer now streaming lossless

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by fufula, Nov 21, 2017.
  1. fufula
    Just a heads up for anyone out there interested in streaming lossless music. Deezer is now beta testing lossless streaming for Premium+ subscribers through their new desktop app. They're also now running a promo, where you can get 3 months of Premium+ for $1, so it's definitely worth taking a look at. Check it out at https://www.deezer.com/

    While their desktop app could still use some work and improvement, it's still miles ahead of what Tidal has to offer. Also worth noting is the fact that they've been streaming lossless to Deezer Elite subscribers for quite a while now (1+ year at least,) but until now it was only available to Sonos users.
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  2. canthearyou
    Awesome! Will start tonight.
  3. Signal2Noise
    I was just reading about this. I may finally jump onto the streaming bandwagon. I definitely didn't want to give my money to Jay-Z & Co. @ Tidal. So over time I was debating Deezer or Qobuz. Now it''s time to decide on the subscription...do I opt for the first 3 months for 99cents/mo. for Premium+? Or just go all in for Elite/HiFi starting with 30 day free trial and a 25% discount first year @ $14.99/mo. (CAD) since I do have a SONOS?

  4. canthearyou
    The subscriptions are very confusing. What is the difference between Premium+, Elite and HiFi?
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2017
  5. canthearyou
    Also, is there a way to pick the playback device? Or does it only playback through Windows? If thats the case, thats a deal breaker.
  6. jp11801 Contributor
    wow not impressed with how the site and desktop app is set up - surprised they could be worse than tidal in that regard. I will listen and use if for 3 weeks to see if regular use changes my mind.
  7. fufula
    Yeah, not too crazy about that part either. Especially the lack of music discovery options. I mean there's Flow, but it's just all over the place with its suggestions and mixes all kinds of genres. It's still better than Tidal in that regard, but not by much... I'll stick around for a bit, hoping that maybe Flow improves (doubtful,) but lossless or not, I'll be probably going back to GPMAA.
  8. starence
    No, it just uses your default device, no ASIO/WASAPI option either.
  9. Elecroestatico
    yeah Im not surprised by their service either, the layout is not great and not having the ability to change the white background its a big downside. At least tidal has a dark grey background that its easy on the eyes (and on the ears). More info about the artists and phtos is what I like better but not even the way that info is displayed.

    For the ultra incompetent speed of tidal`s UI I could have still consider deezer if they had made their desktop app truly audiophile specialized like tidal that allows you to take exclusive control of your sound card. I guess they need to hire somebody like me to make them aware of what matters for true hi fi enthusiasts . I can mention even more stuff that they are lacking and I haven,t even spent a great deal of time in their app so who knows how many more complaints I would have.

    Just the lack of advanced settings is enough for me to stop my trial and wait for qubuz to arrive to the USA. Will see if true hi fi people its involved in qubuz company and hope they can offer what we want. For now turtle tidal is my forced choice.
  10. canthearyou
    What specs are your PC? Also what speed internet do you have? My UI is pretty snappy. Loads up my albums and playlists almost instantly. And starts playing a song a second or two at the most after clicking on it.
  11. Elecroestatico
    I have a decent PC but I also have tried other systems in many locations and with different DACs. It`s something TIDAL support has never been able to help me with for like 2 years. It`s like they hate my account or I dont know, even the text playlist freeze during load or scrolling, its just not worth it and thats why im hoping qubuz gets me what i want. My ISP gets me about 13mb per sec down and about 3mb up so not an issue as well
  12. Dbk1911
    Anyone knows if Deezer can stream AAC?
  13. gimmeheadroom
    But you can set your default device to be a DAC ASIO/WASAPI driver, can't you?

    I'm looking into options for streaming hires but Tidal is making it hard. So I'm looking into qobuz and deezer.

    tidal hifi and deezer hifi whatever they are calling it are pretty much the same price, but qobuz is much more expensive. i don't get it
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2018
  14. KristianFaksvag
    Any reason Deezer doesn´t support hifi streaming from iphone/android? Only from pc?
  15. gimmeheadroom
    I don't know the answer but I guess some people could believe mobile devices doesn't have enough bandwidth. Which is absolutely untrue, I get around 350 Mb/s on my wireless devices off my router and 4G cranks right along here, 30 Mb/s or so. Absolutely no reason a phone with an 8 core CPU and 4G of RAM and huge network speeds shouldn't be able to stream and decode anything.

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