1. xSwifty

    SP1000M APK Install Help

    Can someone please help me with installing spotify onto two sp1000m's. I've managed to install the apk file of Tidal onto one but not the other. When I drag the Spotify APK file into the Openservice folder then go to services on either sp1000m's, nothing shows up. I am downloading the apk files...
  2. P

    DAP help!

    I'm back with more questions! I have been on the hunt for the right DAP for me. Initially, I was going to go with more mass-market Sony Walkman. Decided against that (too expensive for what you get). I looked at all the major brands - HiBy, Shanling, etc. I seriously considered the DX220 (even...
  3. Kounter Torque

    New setup

    I’m looking to get the most out of my iPhone XS Max while using Spotify premium set to 320 kbps. Now I realize this isn’t lossless or even “super high quality” by any means, but it’s what I want to use since it has most of my library. I’ve been looking into a new DAC/amp combo for it. I have the...
  4. ezkcdude

    Share Head-Fi Playlists

    So last night I put together a playlist that I can use to demo my system for friends and to try to set up a standard for me to listen to when I'm comparing different pieces of equipment. Thought I would share, and if anyone has done similar, would love to see your playlists. I'm using Spotify...
  5. B

    Looking for workout/cleaning in-ears

    Hello, this is my first first thread on this forum, nice to meet you! I'm relatively new on the audio scene and need some advice on a pair of In-ear headphones i can use while working out, running and vacuuming. Something with good isolation. I have up to this point used a pair of Sennheiser...
  6. ammthe

    Upgrade for Spotify on Laptop + Dragonfly Black + Audioquest Nightowl?

    I'm currently listening to all my music on Spotify. If I upgrade to a $350 dac/amp like massdrop liquid carbon or $500 dac/amp like chord mojo, will it make a big difference if I only listen to music on Spotify? I'm from Myanmar where there are no audio stores where I can go try things out. I...
  7. A

    Is Spotify compatible with an usb dac on Android 8?

    I have a pair of m50x and since they sound pretty bad from my (android) phone I decided to get an amp/dac Fiio Btr1k. The fiio device can be used wired or wireless, but I don't know if I can use its dac function through bluetooth and I don't know if I can use it connected to my phone through usb...
  8. X

    Spotify vs. Tidal

    Hi, I was thinking of getting Tidal HiFi, but as my headphones being the Sennheiser HD 579, will i hear a difference between Spotify Premium and Tidal HiFi?
  9. O

    Hiby R3, Pioneer XDP-300 or Cayin N5ii

    Hi guys, so new to the forum, however in need of a digital audio player, so here I am for advice. My proposal; Hiby R3: small, beautiful and a tiny marvel! Pioneer XDP-300: little big, ability to use android apps such as Spotify and not just tidal, dual DAC and Amp combo and a much higher...
  10. Q

    Spotify deletes downloads on Pioneer XDP-100R

    I am fairly new to posting on the site but am very appreciative of the great insights I have gleaned from the forums. The issue I am having is that I download music onto my XDP-100r and it works for a few days and then does the following: 1. When I launch spotify I am forced to log in --...
  11. MajalGuy

    LF Recommendations for a player that supports Spotify

    So I've started using Spotify a lot lately, and saw there's an option to listen with another device. Realizing I have a speaker setup I'm not using due to wiring problems with my new laptop, I decided to look for another option- connecting my speakers to some sort of a device that connects to...
  12. Admiral Kolchak

    Help with Mojo and iPhone

    Hi, I've been reading Head-fi for a few months already and found the information extremely helpful. Based on excellent reviews here I have recently bought a Mojo and Oppo PM-1s. The Oppos are still on their way, but I've already received my Mojo. I've used it with my Macbook Pro and my iPhone...
  13. kylewit

    End Game Setup Suggestions for HD800 and HDVA600

    I have purchased the Senn HD800 hp, HDVA600 amp, DacMagic Plus dac, connected through USB2 to Acer Chromebook R11 on 320 kbit/s spotify premium stream. The HP and amp are endgame for me. I have neither upgraded to lossless format nor upgraded cables (incl. CH 800 S). I am wondering whether my...
  14. toby23

    How to get the most out of Spotify?

    After going round in circles for the last couple of years, I am now back where I started with Spotify Premium, my Oppo HA-2 DAC and a set of Oppo PM-3 headphones.. I run Spotify through ASIO Bridge at the moment into the DAC. Is this the best quality that I am going to get out of Spotify or is...
  15. J

    RE Equalizer app for Android

    Just wanted to share an equalizer app I recently tried. For a while, I've been looking for a good equalizer app that offers more control than the standard options out there AND works with Spotify. Most of them have 5 frequency bands and thus limited control in sound modification. I tried one...
  16. fufula

    Deezer now streaming lossless

    Just a heads up for anyone out there interested in streaming lossless music. Deezer is now beta testing lossless streaming for Premium+ subscribers through their new desktop app. They're also now running a promo, where you can get 3 months of Premium+ for $1, so it's definitely worth taking a...
  17. Beanlipe

    EQ for Spotify (Android)

    Hey guys greetings! Can you guys recommend a EQ for Android on a system level to be used with Spotify? I'm using Android 7.0 btw. On desktop I use Equalizer APO with Peace UI, wish there was something similar on Android. Cheers!
  18. Zendro

    Is there a site that will stream my music library in lossless?

    Hello there, I've been searching online to no avail. As subject thread states: Is there any site or service that would allow me to stream my music library in lossless or close to lossless (320kbps)? I'm thinking of a cross between Tidal/Spotify & Google Play/iTunes Tidal & Spotify because...