[DEAL ALERT] MEElectronics M11+ and M11P+ 51% off!
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Feb 10, 2010
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The title says it all folks! MEElectronics is having a one day sale on the M11+ and M11P+ IEMs. Using the coupon code TWIT_FACE_M11 brings the total price for the M11+ down to $31.85 and the M11P+ down to $34.30!

This is a pretty amazing deal if I do say so myself and for less than $35 + shipping, the M11+ IEMs are a steal.
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In my opinion, the M11+ is the better sounding of the two.
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Are these really worth the price? I was thinking of getting my sister a pair of hje900's for her birthday, but the M11P's would allow me to be a cheap person

How would these compare against one another? I really want to get her to appreciate my hobby. She's always poking fun of how much I obsess..
PS: She has a pair of razer IEM's that she took from me a couple of years ago; They sound pretty close to creative ep-630's. Are the M11P's a substantial upgrade?
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I failed to control myself this time.
The left housing of my PL-50's has split and I tried glueing it back together, but it didn't really work.
So I thought, what the hell, and bought them with the coupon code just before it expired.
I figured, if I don't like them, I could probably sell them for the same price they have cost me. So why not. 
I think this officialy makes me a member of the audiophile club: I just couldn't resist the offer. 


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