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dCS Bartok

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by tmarshl, Mar 5, 2019.
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  1. kerisabe
    Guys, im currently using qutest with my gryphon diablo 300. And it sounds wonderful. Im thinking of either upgrading to a couple things:

    1. the gryphon diablo 300 optional dac
    2. Lampizator
    3. Bartok

    anyone has any suggestion? Would really appreciate your suggestions being in my situation. Thanks.
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2019
  2. emrelights1973
    I recently bought a new naim streamer, will match your diablo very good for sure
  3. Cognacbrown
    I’ve been using the Qutest in my bedroom headfi setup. I recently took collection of the DCS Bartok and it replaced the LUMIN A1 streamer. Still burning in the Bartok but I thought the sense of space and richness of tonality was very good. It provided me more of the goosebumps moments. Good with many genres I listen to - Classcial, Jazz, POP but no metal. Really happy with my purchase (albeit a very long 5 month order wait)
  4. SilverEars
    Better to audition this device due to such a high price tag. I've compared with MrSpeakers VOCE electrostatic out of Hifiman shangri la jr amp, and compared Bartok to Hugo 2. Interestingly, Hugo 2 fed to the amp sounded better.
  5. kerisabe
    Thanks for sharing.
  6. kerisabe
    That is interesting. And apparently hugo 2 uses the same chip as qutest!? I really need to have the bartok demoed in my system, when I am ready.
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2019
  7. RuiNguyen
    Is the Bartok much better than the Chord Qutest? I had the Qutest and I'm considering buying The Chord Dave or dCS Bartok.
  8. strojo
    I would sincerely hope that the Bartok is better than the Qutest given it's almost 7x the price. I can't imagine you'd even consider these devices to be in the same league.
  9. RuiNguyen
    Not sure about if these devices are in the same league. I auditioned and A/B test between Chord Qutest and Dave at the local dealer's store last Wednesday and couldn't find much difference. The Dave was definitely better than Qutest but not jaw dropping, let's say it was 8 to 10. I also hope that the Bartok is MUCH better than the Qutest and worth the money I'm going to spend.
  10. Cognacbrown
    I tried the Qutest in my hifi rig and it’s not even close to my LUMIN A1. I think part of it is the voltage mismatch. Qutest goes up to 3V Max if I recall correctly. The Bartok on the other hand has option to match the 6V which is more compatible in my hifi rig. Greater dynamics, wider and deeper soundstage. I Guess it’s more about matching.
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  11. austinpop
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  12. dsyzling
    There's also another review been recently posted here as well:

    I listened to the Bartok with Meze Empyrean and Focal Utopias at a recent Hifi Show (Hifi News - Ascot London). I'm not really a headphone listener (except portable during commutes), so I don't have a frame of reference as such. However I have to stay I was captivated by the sound on both systems. Rich enveloping, tonally rich, dynamic, the sound stage was a sphere completely outside of my head (like I said I've clearly not experienced true high end headphone listening with open phones) - I could have sat there for hours, it left quite an impression. Now take this for what it is, a couple of sessions under show conditions I haven't lived with the component over a longer period.

    I did briefly try a similar exercise with a Chord Dave and a pair of Audeze (not sure of the exact model) - that didn't leave anywhere near the same impression. I'm not going to jump to conclusions, it's quite tempting to jump to conclusions on a quick test rather than living longer term with a component to assess fatigue etc.

    I have listened to the Utopias at a previous Canjam hooked up to a Benchmark Dac/amp - to me at the time I was completely non plussed, very sterile - the contrast to the Bartok on Sat was staggering.
  13. emrelights1973
    Is it worth to invest on bartok just for headphones if you already have top end digital source? Or just to get an amp ?
  14. vcoheda Contributor
    @austinpop - very informative and descriptive review. thanks for posting. the bartok looks like a grand slam.
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  15. strojo
    If you want to simply and only have one box, then I'd say take a look at the Bartok. If you're looking for best of breed and already have a DAC you like, there are plenty of hgih-end amp-only options out there.
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