dcs bartok
  1. dCS James

    dCS Ring DAC - A Technical Explanation

    Hi folks, James here from dCS. We have been working on a series of posts for Head-Fi.org that cover the basics of topics like digital to analogue converters, clocking and filters. The aim of these posts is to help people gain a better understanding of digital audio products, so they can make...
  2. dCS Bartok

    dCS Bartok

    Key Features Latest generation dCS Digital Processing Platform brings state-of-the-art signal processing and flexibility. dCS Ring DACTM fitted, as used in the flagship dCS Vivaldi digital playback system. Digital inputs support UPnP, asynchronous USB and Apple Airplay sources, plus AES and...
  3. TwoTrack

    dCS Bartok Review on Part-Time Audiophile

    Hey folks! Here is my review of the dCS Bartok. https://parttimeaudiophile.com/2019/10/13/dcs-bartok-dac-part-one-review/ Enjoy!
  4. tmarshl

    dCS Bartok

    I just received my dCS Bartok with Headphone Amp today. Sounds great out of the box, but will wait until fully broken in to provide a review.