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dCS Bartok

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by tmarshl, Mar 5, 2019.
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  1. miko64
    I have dcs Rossini and I tried all three USB a and b - ie via computer and a hard disk, and also via Ethernet and Tidal. All inputs behave the same and you can even get MQA via Tidal.
  2. DVass13
  3. tmarshl
    Yes, I just made the required Network upgrade on my Bartok, which was prompted by the iOS dCS Mosaic. One small issue was that I could not cut and paste my Tidal and Qobuz passwords into Mosaic. I am sure they will fix that.

    dCS Mosaic seems to have a lot of the same functionality as Roon Core. I will do some listening to see which delivers a better experience.
  4. Cognacbrown
    I’ve placed my order for my Bartok with HP amp. Patiently waiting for it. May I ask if this needs to be paired with a good power cord or power conditioner? Looking for some impressions and suggestions. Thanks.
  5. FangJoker
    I ordered the Bartok last week. I thought that there were more color options like the Vivaldi, but I was mistaken so I went with silver. The deciding factors was that I was going to buy an aurender streamer, but I can use a NAS with this and can save a lot of money on not having to buy a streamer and I would sell my Hugo TT2 and not buy the M-Scaler. The total of those 3 devices are several thousand more than the Bartok so I'll be saving money. I also should have not listened to the Vivaldi. That thing is amazing and I keep thinking of buying that down the road if I have a great year in business. The PS Audio Directstream was also considered. I liked the Hugo TT2, but these DACs are on another level, plus I plan on having a 2 channel system after moving into our new home later this year.
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  6. tmarshl
    I will be sure not to listen to the Vivaldi, as I am happy with my Bartok and don't want to be seduced into purchasing an even more expensive setup! :smile_phones:
  7. Tekunda
    I have looked at the specs of the Bartok, for sensitive cans like the Utopia or the Clear, the amp section seems powerful enough, but what about headphones like the Final Audio D8000 or the Hifiman HE1000 se?
    These cans suck much more power and only excel with stronger amps.
    Do Bartok owners think it could become a problem with less sensitive cans, that the Bartok might not be able to bring out the best of headphones like the Final Audio D8000?
  8. Cognacbrown
    I ordered the Bartok using the Meze Empyrean mostly. I don’t sense any problem with the drive. If I recall correctly one can also play with the voltage gain to tweak. Eagerly waiting for my delivery soon.
  9. Tekunda
    What DAC/AMP are you using with the Empyrean in the moment?
  10. Cognacbrown
    I’m using mostly Chord Qutest DAC into Woo Audio WA8. I’ve also the Sony TA ZH1 DAC amp. Both powers the Meze with no problem.
  11. Limniscate
    My friend and I just compared the Bartok to the Ayre QX-5 Twenty. We both preferred the Bartok. It's noticeably quieter. We compared on the ethernet input. Yes, I know that the Ayre QX-5 Twenty sounds better on the USB input. We will compare Ayre QX-5 Twenty USB with SOtM tX-USB Ultra versus Bartok ethernet and versus Bartok USB with SOtM tX-USB Ultra soon. We will also be comparing to the Chord TT2 with MScaler soon.
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2019
  12. tmarshl
    Thanks for your comparison. I have found the Bartok to be very quiet.
  13. SalR406
    Ayre owner, here. I'm curious what source material you used to gauge quietness. (Not challenging your assessment.)
  14. Limniscate
    Local files from a NAS--all FLAC or high-res.
  15. Ross Contributor
    I will be interested to hear how the TT2/M Scaler compares to the Bartok. I have just moved from Chord DAVE/Blu 2 and then TT2/M Scaler to the Ayre QX5 and much prefer the Ayre.

    Can you please provide a little more detail on how the QX5 compared to the Bartok - for example, in terms of tonality and dynamics. Previous DCS dacs were said to be bright and analytical. How does the Bartok sound in this respect, particularly compared with the Ayre? Is it lighter or darker sounding than the Ayre? More or less dynamic?

    I really like the QX5 but am intrigued by the Bartok, so may have to listen to it when my dealer has one in stock.
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