DC Area Head-Fi Meet - Capital Audio Fest 2017 - Nov 5, 2017

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  1. gandhisfist
    CAF 2017 is on for November 3-5, 2017.
    CAF is the premier audio event on the East Coast.

    Hilton Hotel at Twinbrook Metro
    1750 Rockville Pike
    Rockville, MD 20852

    Capital Audiofest 2017 – Bigger & Better!
    Capital Audiofest Presents CanMania 2017 and Grows to 60 Rooms on 3 floors

    This November 3rd - 5th, the Capital Audiofest will be back at the Rockville Hilton with an expanded show. Last year the show had 48 rooms on 2 floors and this year the show has expanded to 60 rooms on 3 floors. Many of your favorite brands along with many new brands and exhibitors will be present.

    CAF’s “CanMania” headphone event is on the main floor in the huge Plaza ballroom as well as newly opened “Quiet” rooms. There will be over 30+ headphone companies.

    Also new this year, the Marketplace will be set up in the wide open Atrium between the 1st and 2nd floors and includes Vinyl, LPs, analogue accessories, AV furniture and more, which will be prominently on display, with many exhibitors offering Show specials.

    CAF will have a full schedule of seminars, guest presentations and even live music on Friday and Saturday nights in the bar. Vendors will be giving away prizes every evening culminating in a big Prize Giveaway on Sunday, so come and join us for a fun weekend of music and audio.

    Check out our website for more information: www.capitalaudiofest.com

    Meet Details

    The meet will be Nov 5, 2017 from 10a to 4p. It will be located in the Madison Room on the 3rd floor. Please remember to bring your own power strips and extension cords!

    Meet Rules

    1. Please treat fellow head-fiers and their gear with the utmost care and respect.
    2. Please don't unplug headphones without asking permission from the owners first.
    3. Please don't turn anything on or off without asking permission first.
    4. Please don't move anyone's gear from their established area without asking permission.
    5. Absolutely no food and drink will be allowed near any equipment including your own.
    6. Please have courtesy and ensure that your hands are CLEAN before handling others' equipment.
    7. Be mindful of the time you are spending listening to others’ gear especially if there are others waiting in line.
    8. Be mindful of personal hygiene. DO NOT use hair gel or other product that may damage or stain a headband or earpads.
    9. If you can have the five songs listed below on your system--it'll help everyone audition unfamiliar gear.
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  2. pelliott123
    CanMania will have over 30 vendor booths in the Plaza ballroom
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  3. Gary Gill
    I will be there with the thousands of others!
  4. jp11801 Contributor
    looking forward to this one!
  5. Sherwood Contributor
    If nums goes, I go.
  6. jp11801 Contributor
    what - you are in DC now, how did I miss this!! .
  7. Sherwood Contributor
    It's more important that we've found each other again.
  8. Zbell
    This is awesome, I'll definitely be there. How do these things work? Should I bring all my gear in a backpack (just in case?) I'd love to hear some Focal cans.
  9. HeadAmpTeam
    We will be there with a ton of great gear to keep everyone listening! Glad to see some familiar faces will be there!
  10. pelliott123
  11. kendavis
    Schitt Audio will be there in force with their new and improved SchittKit
  12. NaiveSound
    Can't wait! My first show ever!
  13. tme110
    I'll be there but I'll be concentrating on speakers
  14. ribosradagast
    I'll be there, though I regret to say that I don't see Focal anywhere on the vendor list
  15. Billheiser
    True, but I bet the odds are good that some vendors (of amps, DAC's, etc.) will have Focals there. And likely that members of this DC Head-Fi group will have some too.
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