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DC Area Head-Fi Meet - Capital Audio Fest 2017 - Nov 5, 2017

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  1. pelliott123
    There has been a change since Bob Carver Corporation has taken the room that we were going to put the meet in
    It now will be the Madison Room on the 3rd floor
    Please be sure to bring plenty of power strips and extension cords
  2. gandhisfist
    @pelliott123 , thanks for the update, I'll update the original post.
  3. tme110
    Yea, I would expect Focal to be there at all - that would be a big surprise. Though I'm sure vendors will have them - and they always show up at the meets.

    I'm really looking forward to going. I wish this was still more in the summer time. I've been to a few shows now but home to spend some time checking out the differences between a lot of different speakers.
    Wonder if Bob will be there? He is quite the character and, if he is, that would be reason enough to go this event!
    He's into tubes now but, man, he has such a history of interesting products and was always the best sales guy in the room.
    His Cube amp was one of my early hifi audio purchases, that tiny thing put out insane watts for that time.
  5. pelliott123
    Unfortunately Bob will not be here
  6. gandhisfist
    This thread has been too quiet, give us a shout if you're planning to attend.
  7. kendavis
    When you come to the Head-Fi meet... stop by at the CanMania rtoom and visit me at the Schiit table there
  8. Billheiser
    I'm going to the CAF/CanMania, on Sunday probably, but won't be bringing my own gear, due to logistics
  9. schneller
    Who all is going and when / what day?
  10. sheldaze
    I'll be helping Ken at the the Schiit table today. I cannot make the headphone event.
    Take lots of pictures on Sunday everyone!
  11. tme110
    I'll be at CapFest most of tomorrow and will swing by. If I run out of time on Sat, I'll come back on Sun. I wont be bringing gear as I have a few speakers I want to spend some time with.
  12. coletrain104
    I am gonna show up on the 5th. Will the other headphone vendors be around tomorrow (4th)?
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2017
  13. ribosradagast
    I was there today and had a great time actually even though I hate talking to people haha
  14. kendavis
    Just to clarify... As I understand it... CanMania is an entire room devoted to headphone vendors. CanMania is there all three days. Separate from that is a room for a Head-Fi meet from 10 to 4 on Sunday. As usual, folks can bring their own stuff to that event and try things out. Bring power strips to that .
  15. kendavis
    Thank you @sheldaze for all your help today with the Schitt Audio booth, not only in setting things up and in manning the booth but also in sharing your experience and expertise with all (especially including me)

    All others, please do drop by and say hello.
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