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DC Area Head-Fi Meet - April 15, 2017

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  1. thyname
    Do you know if there is Wi-Fi available in there? 
  2. gbakeriv
    I have a large list of headphones I could bring but would love to attend with my Denon D5000s and IE80s. Also my first meet, but check through my profile if any other phones are of interest. My amplification/DAC collection is a bit lacking but would love to try out some of what I see (Schiit!)
  3. Psalmanazar
    I'll be there with my usual Modi 2U -> Asgard 2 -> HD 650 rig.
    The Bifrost Multibit -> Eddie Current ZDS should sound great. Bimby tends to have great synergy with OTLs. Could I possibly check the various filters on the Grace m9XX if time permits? I'm sort of curious as to the perceivable frequency response (well tonal) differences between each as I only noticed the staging and timbre when I had a loaner of it.
  4. sheldaze
    I'm definitely hoping to have time to properly experience and experiment with the three DACs. I just hope to get these on as equal footing as possible. I just ordered a smaller UPS to bring the Bimby to the meet. I'm using F2 filter on the m9xx, but would definitely love to hear other people's insights on what the differences are between the four filter options.
  5. Psalmanazar
    The one thing I would be concerned about is an OTL tube amp stamping its OTL bass on the sound from DACs with bass issues. Ryu's Speedball Crack fixed all the major bass issues with the Bifrost Multibit. One thing that would be interesting is to compare them to a relatively neutralish solid state (ie something not the Liquid Carbon) say the Grace as a combo unit to the Grace as merely a DAC.

    F2 Might have some roll off but is linear phase. I am not sure as as Grace wrote their own filters but the stock AKM ones definitely roll off according to the RME ADI-2 Pro manual (see page 72. The short delay are the minimum phase ones and the super slow is the "NOS" one as explained on the next page.): https://www.rme-audio.de/download/adi2pro_e.pdf
  6. sheldaze
    Well, I'm not going to add a Speedball Crack update to my Zana Deux [​IMG]
    I do agree though, having a stable and single-ended amplifier is a good call. Only it will need to wait, for me, until Massdrop can send what Tyll and company recommend. I'll bring the Arcam rHead to the May 20 meet.
  7. gandhisfist
    Hey guys, quick update, the meet is starting at 1pm, not 12pm.
  8. schneller

    Funny how this is only a few blocks away from JS Audio where I got my Dynaudio speakers. What I wouldn't give to either bring some Contour C20 or C30 speakers to the HP meet or bring some Schiit over to JS Audio. Now that ain't ever gonna happen.
  9. schneller
    I plan to come if wife approves lol.
    I may even be able to bring a Black Mimby.
  10. GrindingThud
    Aw, cmon, I put one in my WA3... :wink:
  11. RyuDragoon
    It seems both my pieces of headphone gear are being brought ( Bifrost Multibit and the Bottlehead Crack) so I will just bring my Modded HD650 and my Campfire Audio Vega. Can't wait for another great meet!
  12. sheldaze
    Each Crack can sound different. I think there's still good reason to bring Crack and Bimby stack!
  13. SuperDuke
    maybe a Speedball upgrade will help my 1984 Mercedes Diesel??
    I am still debating what to bring.  Maybe the Violectric V281.
  14. Billheiser
    I'll be off hiking/camping this weekend, will miss this meet.  Have a good one!
    sheldaze likes this.
  15. axtran
    I'm super tempted to go! I have my custom woodies and probably my custom TH900's to bring.
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