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DC Area Head-Fi Meet - April 15, 2017

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  1. gandhisfist
    Date : Saturday, April 15, 2017
    Time: 1pm to 5pm
    WOW Made Simple / Bethesda Systems
    8125 Wisconsin Ave
    Bethesda, MD 20814
    Hi Everyone,
    As always, everyone is welcome and you can bring any equipment you like, but you don't need to bring gear.
    Please post the list of the gear you can bring, and don't forget your extension cords, power strips, and adapters.
    Meet Rules
    1. Please treat fellow head-fiers and their gear with the utmost care and respect.
    2. Please don't unplug headphones without asking permission from the owners first.
    3. Please don't turn anything on or off without asking permission first.
    4. Please don't move anyone's gear from their established area without asking permission.
    5. Absolutely no food and drink will be allowed near any equipment including your own.
    6. Please have courtesy and ensure that your hands are CLEAN before handling others' equipment.
    7. Be mindful of the time you are spending listening to others’ gear especially if there are others waiting in line.
    8. Be mindful of personal hygiene. DO NOT use hair gel or other product that may damage or stain a headband or earpads.
    9. If you can have the five songs listed below on your system--it'll help everyone audition unfamiliar gear.
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  2. sheldaze
    I'm going to kick this off, the slightly quirky way I like to do. I'm going to bring a decent amplifier and headphone. But I'm going to provide three different sources, for your listening pleasure (or displeasure if you don't like to have choice). Each of the three DACs will be priced within $100 of one another, and are basically the entry level examples of FPGA, D/S and R2R from each of the respective well-known companies. I'll have all three running from the same source music. I can even volume match, if anyone cares to assist with this, as the FPGA and D/S DACs both have variable output level, down to a half dB on the D/S:
    1. Chord Mojo
    2. Eddie Current Zana Deux Super
    3. Focal Utopia
    4. Grace Design m9xx
    5. Schiit Bifrost Multibit
    My guess is in the end, you could pick any of the three, and call it a day. But we'll see!
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  3. SuperDuke
    Any words of wisdom on parking?  I did not see a nearby garage.   Thanks Gandhisfist for organizing!
  4. gandhisfist
    There is a metered parking lot behind the building thats free on the weekend.
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  5. SuperDuke
    That's great.  Short distance to lug gear. Hope to see the Rifle case loaded w/ headphones.
  6. sorrick
    I'm hoping to be able to make it. I've been on head-if for over a decade but this will be my first meet. If there's interest, I can bring a slew of portable dac/amps, several IEMs, and headphones for folks to try. Here's what I got:

    Portable dac/amps:
    Chord Mojo
    Cozoy REI
    Oppo ha-2
    Audioquest Dragonfly red
    TTVJ millet portable

    Noble Kaiser Encore U
    Audeze iSine 20
    Westone 4R

    Audioquest Nighthawk
    Fostex TH-X00
    Grado HF2
    Grado RS-2
    Beyerdynamic T70p (looking to sell if anyone is interested)
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  7. SuperDuke
    I'd love to hear the Nighthawk if you can bring those
  8. 100VoltTube
    I might go. Not totally sure if I can make it. It's nice to see another T70 owner in the area, even if they aren't happy with theirs. If I do go, i'll have a DIY OTL tube amp (similar to a crack, but not the same) Currently, I'm working on getting rid of a hum it generates, but I (hopefully) will have that worked out by the meet. I'l also have my T70 250Ω, HD480II's, and maybe a Magni 2 Uber.
  9. gandhisfist

    Very interested in all three IEMs. Please do bring them if you can.
  10. SuperDuke

    I'd also love to hear the Audeze iSine 20. 
  11. darmanastartes
    I hope to attend. My collection at this point is somewhat limited, but I could bring:
    Fostex TH-X00 
    MeeAudio Pinnacle P1 
    VE Monk + 
    JDS Labs The Element
  12. sheldaze
    I could bring my Purple and Black (I always forget the name of this one) TH-X00, if you want to compare [​IMG]
  13. darmanastartes
    Ebony haha. But yeah, I have the mahogany version so that would be cool!
  14. thyname
    I plan to attend. Thanks Amar for organizing.
    I will bring the following:
    Headphones: My one and only SDR modded HD800
    Amp: Schiit Mjolnir 2
    DAC: Holo Spring L3 KTE
    I am hoping somebody can bring Ether Flow (either open, closed, or both)
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  15. HipHopScribe
    I'm planning to attend. It'll be my first Head-Fi meet-up. My gear:
    Audioquest Nighthawk
    Sennheiser HD6XX
    Beyerdynamic DT 150
    Hifiman Edition S
    Schiit Vali 2
    Schiit Modi Multibit
    Pioneer XDP-100R
    I'll probably just bring it all, but if there's anything in particular anyone is interested in hearing, let me know 
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