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Day 42

Discussion in 'Archived Blogs' started by kirosia, Jul 12, 2010.
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  1. Kirosia
    Nearing the intersection of my building, I notice an old hooded Asian woman currently in the process of crossing the street. I stop a good 20+ feet before, and give her a slight wave to signify her continuance. She turns, smiles, and starts walking towards MY ****** CAR. Quite confused and suddenly aware of my own mortality, I drive around her, make the turn, eventually speeding into my driveway. Lunch grabbed, I dash-hop onto the porch, stumbling my keys into the lock more awkwardly and unsatisfying than an AV nerd attempting to nail his first prostitute. For a moment, I consider turning my head to see if she had followed, but the fear of her appearing like a hellish apparition inches from my face suppressed any such thought.
  2. sridhar3
  3. Deep Funk
    [​IMG], indeed...
  4. Kirosia
    Day 01 Redux
    Someone urinated all over the bathroom rug, and this time I'm almost positive it was not me.
  5. Happy Camper
    Don't be so enthusiastic to shake it.
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