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Day 42

Discussion in 'Archived Blogs' started by kirosia, Jul 12, 2010.
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  1. Kirosia
    I wouldn't mind being a robot: Superhuman strength, near indestructibility, and no useless emotions. At least, until some spunky kid comes along decides to try and teach me how to "love". Go play baseball or something you little twat!
  2. Kirosia
    Day 16

    There is a bird perched outside my window, mimicking my every move with gross exaggeration. Tell me o-feathered one, what have I done to deserve your mockery?

  3. revolink24
    I have a feeling that this blog will turn into massive win. As with everything made by Kirosia. Or whatever this blog-like thread is. Come to think of it this forum is a strange dark place.
  4. CEE TEE Contributor
    Kirosia?  Marshmallows and Libby's fruit cocktail with coconut and mandarin oranges?  
    Oh, wait.  That's my caucasian side...they call that AMBROSIA.
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  5. Kirosia
    Day 6
    I awoke to the sound of trumpets, only to find that my body has become that of a very large bug. *scurry scurry* Ooh a Kit Kat!
  6. Kirosia
    Day 96
    I have cobbled together myself a traveling companion out of stitches and an old toaster. I have chosen not to name her, in fear that she may one day end me.
  7. Kirosia
    Day 4

    I told a girl that she had the most lovely voice and that her eyes shined brighter than any star in the night sky. She showed her appreciation by flipping me off with both hands.

  8. Kirosia
    Day  70

    If I had a daughter, I would name her Celia or Sarah or Annie or Ella. She would don a jester's cap, and sell warm baked goods to finance her escape to the stars. 

  9. Kirosia
    Day 86
    I was foolish enough to challenge Death to a game of chess. He checked my king, captured my queen, then made sweet love to her. 
  10. Kirosia
    Day 110
    One of my personalities has manifested itself and is attempting to behead me. If I don't make it, tell my wife's sister I love her.
  11. Kirosia
    Day 172
    I seem to have woken up inside a steel box. Walls are see-through, but still as tough as a grizzled fisherman's spirit. My stomach is howling from the spicy fajitas I ate last night, this will not end well. 
  12. Kirosia
    Day 30
    There appears to be a very large, overweight bumble bee lost in my room. It keeps dropping to the ground as it's flying, I think it may be tripping on acid.
  13. Deep Funk
    You are lucky I am listening to some vague Jimi Hendrix tracks. Have you been reading too much Kafka or am I mistaken?
  14. Kirosia
    Day 44
    Someone asked me if I've read Kafka. "Yes", I reluctantly answered, "Just the one story though". And then I passed out. 
  15. Deep Funk
    I hope you are well rested...
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