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DAP/DMP Recommendation.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nielo tm, Jun 17, 2012.
  1. Nielo TM
    I am looking to replace my Sansa Clip Zip with a better DAP/DMP in few weeks. The Zip is an awesome little player but its soundstage is too narrow for my taste.  Wish I can easily mod the Zip to increase LR separation, but guess that’s not possible. So I just need a player that has wide soundstage, detailed sound and flat frequency response (without major roll-offs).
    I am willing to forgo MicroSD slot but Folder Browsing is a must.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated
  2. cirdec
    since u r willing to forgo the microSD slot, i'd recommend the Sony Z.
    I've been using the Clip Zip as my "reference" player until i got the Sony Z.
    The Z has got the power + deeper / wider soundstage compare to the Zip.
  3. Nielo TM
    eeek £270 for 32GB. I suppose I could wait till it drops as it always does. 
  4. Nielo TM
    Are there any cheaper alternatives. ?
  5. proton007
    I don't think there's anything cheaper than the sansa.
  6. Nielo TM
    Yeah I know but around £150 mark. I would love to get the Sony Z but its nearly double my budget 
  7. tds101
  8. Nielo TM
    There's no stable version for the ZIP
  9. proton007
    Anything with a large embedded memory will be costly. So I'll suggest you can wait for the rockbox to become stable, it shouldn't take too long.
    Also check what do the rockbox devs mean by unstable, if no major issues you can probably try it out.
  10. Nielo TM
    Yeah guess I have to do just that, I've just scanned through Play.com and Amazon the only good ones are the Sana Zip and the Sony Z series. Guess I'm stuck with Sansa. 
  11. cn11
    What about a Cowon J3? Admittedly I don't know the sonic characteristics personally, but many seem to rave about its audio. Not terribly expensive either.
  12. Nielo TM
    Sound stage doesn't seem to be its greatest attribute :frowning2:
  13. proton007
    Actually I'm not sure how much of a difference will it make, even if you do upgrade. Have you considered different headphones/IEMs?
    Faster transients usually contribute to better soundstage and separation, so headphones/IEMs can influence this to a major extent.
  14. Nielo TM
    I use Image S4 and PFE012 and I don't know of any IEM with greater sound stage than 012. There is an obvious difference when using the iPad 3/X-Fi and the Sansa. I'll try the rock box and if no avail, I'll save up for the Sony. I still have my A829 but I don't know the settings to obtain flat frequency response
  15. Shauntell47
    Otherwise I saw the RoCoo P & BA in the Sales forum for less than 150£ if you don't mind the monochrome screen. The RoCoo P may hiss with your IEMs though.
    I think I saw an SFlo2 as well.
    I suggest you go take a look there. A lot of people buying too much gear & wanting or sometimes forced (by their wives) to get rid of it.

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