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DAC to pair with WA6?

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by izzyaxel, Mar 12, 2012.
  1. IzzyAxel
    I've got plans to put together a setup of the LCD-2/Tesla T1 and Woo Audio WA6 currently.  I have in my list the Wyred 4 Sound DAC-1.  I want to know, what DACs are there that aren't too huge of a sonic downgrade from it, but do cost a lot less?  Preferably, with USB input, and it'd have to have RCA output.  Budget, anything under 1 grand.  If you think I'd be happiest with the DAC-1 though, and nothing could replace it satisfactorily, do say so, please.  I want to get the price down so I can buy it sooner, but if it'd end up in a mismatch where the DAC is the weakest link holding the rest back, I'll save for a bit longer.  Thanks!
  2. owidjaja
    Maybe pair it with Dacmagic plus. which is under your budget and meet your criteria. 
  3. Silent One


    Full disclosure: I am the proud owner of a DAC-1 with upgraded Digital board and Low ESR "Super Caps." The year 2011 saw so many sub $1,000 DACs hit the street, they could have passed for Taxis in Manhattan! That said, I highly recommend the DAC-1!
    I believe both the W4S DACs are priced slightly below what they could command retail and deliver strong on features and performance. I had my WA 6 Special Edition paired with my DAC-1 to my delight and satisfaction. Detailed but not cold and analytical. A touch of warmth but not colored. 
    The DAC-1 is fully Balanced and even Single-ended amps will benefit from Common mode rejection. Digital, Output and USB boards are upgradable. And the DAC comes with a 3-year warranty. I cannot know what you'd be happiest with, but I do know the return on your investment could be higher than the alternatives.
    Wishing you the best!
    Post Script: Buying Pre-Owned could save you a lot, especially when you consider the 3-year warranty. [​IMG]
  4. IzzyAxel
    The DACmagic Plus looks kind of like an exercise in rigorous marketing from that description on their page lol.  I'll have to find some opinions on it.  Can anyone comment on the Bifrost?  And, what about the Woo Audio WDS-1?  From specs alone, it may be replacing the W4S as my wishlisted DAC if it's a great performer.
    EDIT: After reading around, I changed the amp to the DNA Sonett, if that'll change any of your suggestions.

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