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Creative Super X-Fi - Matches for headphones not on the list

  1. Richter Di
    So here is my next friend: the reliable Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro 250 Ohm.

    Right from the start those profiles sound most right for me: The Sennheiser HD 598, the V-Moda Crossfade M-80 and the Sony MDR-XB950N1. The Sony makes the race for me, keeping the jummy bass power of the DT 1770 with a wonderful clearness of voices, while the other profiles slur them.
  2. Richter Di
    30 Dollar KZ ZSA inEar Hybrid with 1 balanced armature and 1 dynamic driver and semi-open back design are really good for the price point.
    They work well with the Super X-Fi and sound surprisingly well with many of the available profiles.
    I liked the Venture Electronics Monk Plus because of the most natural sound and the nice sub-bass.
  3. voidPtr
    I can't figure out my Shure SRH-1540. So far i have mostly been using the Aurvana SE which sounds really great to me in the both music and movies. Now i wanted to see which profile best suites the SRH-1540 and i feel for movies / the dolby amaze trailer the Aurvana SE Profile actually works great. The Oppo PM-3 is kinda pleasent and bassy but you can feel that details get lost using that. I also figured out that the ATH m50x comes really close to the Aurvana SE Profile, it's just very very slightly less sharp. So picking any of those profiles works reasonable well for the dolby amaze trailer. Interestingly enough i can easy go up to 30% volume on the Shure while on the Aurvana SE i only manage 20%. Now the weird thing is going to music, all of a sudden the 30% are waaay too loud on the Shure and it somehow gets really really sharp and unpleasent. That gets amplified when the source is kinda ****. So i tried listening to Jimi Hendrix All Along the Watchtower and i absolutely can not bear listing to that on the Shure with the mentioned profiles.
    To me this kinda shows how important it is that the profile and headphone are a good match, but it's also a bit surprising how different it can sound depending on the source.
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  4. Richter Di
    So true!
  5. Cevisi
    Which one would be better for the sxfi amp beyerdynamic DT 770 250 ohm or 80 ohm ?
  6. Richter Di
    From my experience, it can handle 250 Ohm, but if you can choose go for the easier load.
  7. Cevisi
    I got it now, its much better then expect i love it it drives my dt 770 loud enough whit more bass and clarity but i dont noe the limit of the dt 770. I set it to default headphones

    My sennheiser momentums are about to explode at 50% volume the bass amd quality are insane too

    This ist my first amp and i never want too hear anything whitout it anymore
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  8. Ripley
    With my iSine 10s, the best match seems to be the Shure SE846. Here's hoping Creative adds a bunch more headphone profiles soon!
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  9. Richter Di
    Thanks. Added it.
  10. Cevisi
    i like the Shure SE846 preset for my Sennheiser Momentum in ears
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  11. daid1
    I have it but except the Creative SE I don't have any of the headphones on the list, and none of the profile can suits my headphones, but I have made a lot of Eq on the Sound sports profile and now that one suits all my headphones iems buds :hushed:
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  12. daid1
    Screenshot_20190517-231859.jpeg Someone can try this profile? Because for me it works with everything
  13. Richter Di
    So the profile you use is? Creative Outlier Sports?
    Plus this custom EQ?
  14. daid1
    Soundsport profile plus this eq
  15. daid1
    Because I didn't found any of those profile suitable for my gears I tried to focus on eq and now, even if maybe it mess a little with the tonality and I lost some detail, but is the amp and not the equalization I think, I can use this profile with everything I have

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