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  1. Creative Outlier Pro

    Creative Outlier Pro

  2. Creative Super X-Fi Amp

    Creative Super X-Fi Amp

    Manufacturer's Description Overview The SXFI® AMP delivers the best of two worlds in advanced personalized headphone audio. It incorporates the award-winning Super X-Fi technology which is miniaturized into a dongle no larger than a finger. The SXFI AMP is also a premium high-performance...
  3. Richter Di

    Creative Super X-Fi - Matches for headphones not on the list

    The Super X-Fi has a relative small list of headphones it supports directly. So we have to find for our headphones at home those who fit the best to the ones on the list. The idea would be to add your preferences as a comment and I would add it up here. So lets start. Headphone at home -> From...
  4. halcyon

    Creative SXFI AIR & SXFI AIR C - DSP 7.1 headphones (CES 2019)

    Creative has announced the first headphones using their Super X-Fi UltraDSP -platform that they demoed in 2018. Creative SXFI AIR C - Wired, micro-USB Creative SXFI AIR & SXFI AIR...